Excuse Me, But You're Kneeling In A Pool Of Blue Blood
By Jeremy Dewberry
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Jeremy Dewberry

Jeremy Dewberry

Independent Consultant at Legacy Safety and Security

Nobody wants to infringe upon your civil rights. The simple fact that no one has snatched you up and knocked the crap out of you, imprisoned you, or beheaded you is a testament that you are not being oppressed. Great injustices and horrific events occurred throughout our country's history. Slavery and racism are among those. There is no doubt about that. Racism exists; but despite being told the United States, as a whole, as a matter of normalcy, oppresses people of color, there is significant evidence to the contrary. If you don't operate under blind assumptions that America is racist you will see that you are being lied to and manipulated because you have a national platform and a hard-wired desire to be relevant. Be honest, Kaepernick didn't start caring about blacks being oppressed until he dropped back to being second-string quarterback. He saw his career on the down swing and he needed to change that. He needed to stay relevant.

Show me a society where people who identify with an oppressed race can achieve the following accomplishments: President, Secretary of State, top military leaders, billionaire status, millionaire status, leaders of municipal subdivision, State elected offices, Federal elected offices, doctors, teachers, astronauts, CEO, Owner, and every other title and accomplishment that anyone else can obtain. Show me a society where oppressed people are the only subdivision of a society that can have government mandated assistance programs offered only to them based solely on race. Show me an oppressed group that has television channels, charities, funds, and other benefits that are specifically in existence to benefit them and solely based on race. The White Entertainment Television Network, the National Association for the Advancement of White People, the White Panthers, and White Lives Matter would never be tolerated and would be determined to be racist. That determination would be correct! If those organizations existed, and all organizations that are in existence that hold such implications are racist and should be treated as such. The existence of single-race serving groups is evidence that America, as a whole, is not oppressing those who identify as black.

Everyone has heard the "take a knee" narrative. Here are some lesser-publicized facts. Police killed 963 people in 2016 (Washington Post). 57,180 officers were feloniously assaulted. 16,535 were injured in these assaults and 66 were killed. (FBI LEOKA) So, you're on your knee because .0168% of those who assaulted officers were killed? No, No. Only 258 of those killed were Black Americans (Huffington Post & The Guardian). You're on your knee to protest that .0045% of the people that assaulted police officers were killed as a result of noncompliance and violent actions against a police officer. If 963 people were killed while assaulting 57,180 officers that means 98.315% were not killed. White men are killed far more often than any other racial group (Washington Post). Another place to find some perspective on these facts is the article, Police Violence against Black Men Is Rare (National Review). You want social change? You want to bring awareness to suffering? You want to build communities? You want to heal deep cultural wounds?

Police officer adopts homeless mother's opioid-addicted newborn (CNN). While you're getting paid millions to take a knee, whine about a situation that doesn't exist and increase racial tension, this police officer, father of four, who makes less in a career than you make in a year is doing more for social change, community, and awareness than you will ever do. 

Alabama officer doesn't arrest woman caught stealing eggs; buys her food instead (ABC7.com) While you con the NFL into throwing 89 million dollars into politically driven charities at the expense of fans who make next to nothing in comparison to your inflated and unreasonably high salaries, this officer and other members of the public came together to support a disadvantaged family. These people have made more of difference than you will ever make because their actions impact the community and bring change. They are acting to better others not bring attention to themselves. They are addressing real problems and helping real people instead of fabricating a cause and grandstanding. 

'Basketball Cop' turns noise complaint into national project (CNN) Once you're done making a spectacle of yourself and encouraging people to act like victims, take a look at what it looks like when a grown man mentors children and really impacts a community. This man works 52 weeks a year and lives off of a public servants salary but still finds time, money, and resources to reach out to the community, heal wounds, and mentor kids. NFL players get a couple months off and an obscene amount of money. While you could be focused on your job and providing support and publicity for countless real community programs that change lives, you're taking a knee to raise awareness for an issue that is grossly exaggerated by people that cause many of the problems in the communities you claim to care about.

These are just a few examples of police officers doing things over and beyond the requirements of their jobs. The fact is that hundreds of thousands of police officers go to work every day, no off season, and put their lives on the line to serve communities, save lives, keep the peace, and just solve peoples problems. They will never live in luxury, be able to afford to build a school, retire in three years, or have anywhere near the fame and notoriety they deserve. You know what else they don't have? That's right, time to take a knee! They have real jobs, responsibilities, and they make a real difference.

If you want to take a knee, take a knee to improve the United States education system, sponsor a teacher's salary, sponsor an injured or killed public servant's family. They gave their life for someone else and their family lives on and struggles daily. Support a public servant with PTSD because they suffer from that because every day they are faced with people who are beating spouses, abusing children, doing drugs, driving drunk, raping people, killing people, and threatening lives. Despite that they still show up and protect you whenever you call. 

Another sheriff’s deputy dies by suicide. This time, his boss wants people to talk about it. (Washington Post) While you were taking a knee, this young deputy was facing things you will never face. You won't face them because you will call him and others like him to deal with the atrocities that you aren't capable of handling. That's ok; but don't attack his profession and make him out to be a racist murderous animal. Have a little respect. Most NFL athletes don't have a criminal history but some do and some are still into the criminal scene. It would be hugely inaccurate to protest athletes as a group due to the small percentage acting like fools. These public servants need your support. Understand, if you support and assist them in doing their jobs, maintaining health, being able to support their families they directly and positively impact the community. You can work with them rather than against them.

Hero cop of Pulse shooting is being terminated from force. (USA Today) If you want to take a knee, this is cause for taking a knee! This man is a hero. He has suffered a life changing and debilitating injury (PTSD) directly related to saving lives and exposure to horrific conditions within the community. He is losing his job months before being vested in his retirement due to the effects of PTSD. Raise awareness about injustice to individuals and communities, this is a real cause. Support and assist workers getting mistreated by employers. Expose corruption and unethical employment practices. Represent this man and the thousands of other victims of employers that reduce lives to a matter of numbers in the bottom-line.

While you take a knee prior to playing a game that has no significant impact on the community, remember hundreds of thousands of police officers are standing watch to make sure that no one robs your mansion, rapes your loved ones, blows up the stadium you are in, or kills you for your Rolex. Remember those officers are being verbally abused because they stopped countless drunk drivers from crashing into your child's football team bus. Remember officers are getting run over and slammed into in the streets as they attend to injured drivers and clear the streets so you can get home after your tough game. Remember officers are missing their family's lives while you take lavish trips to an island get-away and go to parties where people worship you. You can protest. That's fine but have a little character and respect for those who protect you and your fictitiously oppressed life. You are supporting a lie and while you do it, you're kneeling in the pools of blue blood spilled as my brothers and sisters are assaulted and killed trying to protect the people in the very communities you claim to care about.

Amen and Amen!
Posted by cats at 12/11/2017 4:54:29 PM

Two white Texas Law Enforcement Officers were murdered only a week apart recently. One was gunned down by a black male for no viable reason whatsoever and no white folks marched or rioted! This showed respect toward the Officer's family and the tolerance toward dicpline of non-violent individuals.
Posted by Big Al at 12/12/2017 6:44:14 PM

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