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More Today's News:
ߦ   2 teens caught after escaping juvenile prison in Giddings
ߦ   5 arrested on murder charges stemming from Texas arson case
ߦ   Investigation into Fatal Shooting at 14600 Buffalo Speedway
ߦ   Man fought gunman: He 'was going to have to work to kill me'
ߦ   'We're going to see Jesus' Mother accused of setting car on fire with kids inside
ߦ   3 Billings cops disciplined for having sex on city property
ߦ   Child Sex Tourism
ߦ   Dickinson Public Library To Host Teen Job Fair
ߦ   Fallen SAPD officer gives the gift of life to 4 strangers
ߦ   Former First Lady Barbara Bush's funeral arrangements
ߦ   Grandma arrested after killing husband and another woman
ߦ   Heroes Down: Gilchrist Deputies Noel Ramirez & Taylor Lindsey Assassinated
ߦ   Homicide on Healey Drive
ߦ   Investigation into Fatal Crash at 2100 State Highway 6 South
ߦ   Man charged with solicitation of capital murder for allegedly trying to hire hitman to kill four
ߦ   Round Rock Man Faces Federal Counterfeiting Charges
ߦ   Texas City Valero Hit By Explosion, Fire
ߦ   Baby killer Genene Jones back in San Antonio court
ߦ   Burnet County Sheriffs Office - Inmate/Arrests Summary
ߦ   Canine Distemper Closes Animal Shelter
ߦ   Charges filed in shooting of deputy constables
ߦ   Constables arrest suspect for Failure to Stop and Render Aid
ߦ   Dickinson PD Will 'Play It Cool' This Summer
ߦ   DWI gets driver $1k fine 10 days in county jail
ߦ   Former FBI Special Agent Pleads Guilty to Leaking Classified National Defense Information
ߦ   Investigation into Fatal Crash at 3000 North Sam Houston Parkway East
ߦ   Local Businessman Sentenced for Credit Card Fraud and ID Theft
ߦ   Major Takedown Dismantles Multi-State Heroin and Fentanyl Network
ߦ   Paris Police Dept - Daily Arrests/Activity Summary
ߦ   Reward Offered for Most Wanted Fugitive, Gang Member from Austin
ߦ   Suspect arrested for Intoxication Assault after crash leaves victim seriously injured
ߦ   UPDATE: Suspect Arrested, Charged in Fatal Crash at 11401 South Post Oak
ߦ   Update: Unified Command responds to gas pipeline fire near Port O'Connor
ߦ   17 Huntsville prisoners on hunger strike after lockdown following feces-throwing, other infractions
ߦ   Brownsville man convicted of stabbing 85-year-old woman with screwdriver gets execution date

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BULLETIN FOR 01/04/2018
Case Types: (LW) Incident, (AR) Arrest, (TC) Citation/Summons, (OR) Ordinance, (TA) Accident

Case #Description            (A)ttempted, (C)ompleted, (F)elony, (M)isdemeanorOfficer
AR 18000063
1) Public Intoxication ...
Howell, Bruce Edgar (W /M/62) Arrest on chrg of 1) Public Intoxication (M) and 2) Warrant - Agency (M), at 1700-BLK 25th St, Galveston, TX, on 1/4/2018 07:16.Arellano, O
AR 180006
1) Theft - Shoplifting ...
Richey, Don Rowland (W /M/55) Arrest on chrg of 1) Theft - Shoplifting (M) and 2) ` (M), at 11200-BLK Commerce St, Houston, TX, on 1/4/2018 08:51.Torres, A
AR 171815
Warrant -dangerous Drug...
Khalil, Tayyeb Sheikh (A /M/61) Arrest on chrg of Warrant -dangerous Drugs, M (M), at 600-BLK S Friendswood Dr, Friendswood, TX, on 1/4/2018 09:26.Pearson, Q
AR 180007
1) Unlawful Carrying We...
Barton, Camea Nicole (W /F/28) Arrest on chrg of 1) Unlawful Carrying Weapons (M), 2) Prohibited Weapons-possess,manufacture,trans,repair, Sell (M), 3) Possession Of Substance In Penalty Group 1 (F), and 4) Possession Of Marijuana (M), at 100-BLK E Marina Bay Dr, Kemah, TX, on 1/4/2018 11:09.

Staton, J
Warrant - Agency (m),
Mcdonald, Jessica Lynn (W /F/23) Arrest on chrg of Warrant - Agency (M), at 1600-BLK Harold Whitaker Dr, Friendswood, TX, on 1/4/2018 20:43.Ruthstrom, J R
Assault By Contact F/vi...
Crooks, Samantha Kelly (B /F/25) Arrest on chrg of Assault By Contact F/vio, M (M), at 4300-BLK Egret Dr, Seabrook, TX, on 1/4/2018 20:44.Boniface, K
AR 1800016
Assault By Contact F/vi...
Gratzer, Peter James (W /M/37) Arrest on chrg of Assault By Contact F/vio (M), at 2400-BLK N Repsdorph Rd, Seabrook, TX, on 1/4/2018 22:36.Boniface, K
AR 1800017
Driving While Intoxicat...
Moreno, Antonia Reyna (W /F/43) Arrest on chrg of Driving While Intoxicated (M), at 1700-BLK Main St, Seabrook, TX, on 1/4/2018 22:53.Christensen, D
AR 180020
Driving While Intoxicat...
Woodhouse, Jason Sterling (W /M/45) Arrest on chrg of Driving While Intoxicated- 3rd Or More (F), at 100-BLK W Parkwood Ave, Friendswood, TX, on 1/4/2018 23:08.Salas, G R
LW 18000057
Criminal Mischief
[Restricted] VICTIM of Criminal Mischief (C), at 2200-BLK 9th Ave N, Texas City, TX, between 21:14, 1/3/2018 and 21:56, 1/3/2018. Reported: 00:39, 1/4/2018.Webb, S L
LW 18000063
[Restricted] VICTIM of Theft (C), at 1100-BLK N Sh 146, Texas City, TX, between 00:25, 1/4/2018 and 01:02, 1/4/2018. Reported: 01:02, 1/4/2018.Valdivia, R
LW 18000062
Unauthorized Use Of A V...
[Restricted] VICTIM of Unauthorized Use Of A Vehicle (auto) (C), at 2400-BLK 24th St N, Texas City, TX, between 01:03, 1/4/2018 and 01:04, 1/4/2018. Reported: 01:04, 1/4/2018.Gonzalez, F H
LW 18000064
Warrant - Other Agency
Society VICTIM of Warrant - Other Agency (C), at Century Blvd/emmett F Lowry Fr Expy, Texas City, TX, on 02:03, 1/4/2018. Reported: 02:03, 1/4/2018.Robison, T A
LW 18000056
Public Intoxication
Society VICTIM of Public Intoxication (C), at 1700-BLK Ave L, Galveston, TX, between 19:13, 1/3/2018 and 19:13, 1/3/2018. Reported: 02:32, 1/4/2018.Coronado, E
LW 180044
Assault Causes Bodily I...
[Restricted] VICTIM of Assault Causes Bodily Injury- (family Violence) (C), at 1600-BLK 3rd St, League City, TX, between 03:50, 1/4/2018 and 04:03, 1/4/2018. Reported: 04:03, 1/4/2018.Shaw, C E
LW 1800014
Burglary Of Motor Vehicle
[Restricted] VICTIM of Burglary Of Motor Vehicle (C), at 2400-BLK N Repsdorph Rd, Seabrook, TX, on 06:51, 1/4/2018. Reported: 06:51, 1/4/2018.Hill, J
LW 180046
[Restricted] VICTIM of Theft (C), at 2700-BLK Ahnya Ln, League City, TX, between 18:00, 1/3/2018 and 07:30, 1/4/2018. Reported: 09:36, 1/4/2018.Trevino, M
LW 180007
Unlawful Carrying Weapons
Society VICTIM of Unlawful Carrying Weapons (C), at 100-BLK E Marina Bay Dr, Kemah, TX, between 10:57, 1/4/2018 and 10:57, 1/4/2018. Reported: 10:57, 1/4/2018.Staton, J
TA 180064On 1/4/2018 12:20:53 AM at 23:04, an accident occured on E LEAGUE CITY PKWY at TUSCAN LAKES BLVD.  Accident involving: Michael Anthony Moore, Angela Georgian JonesShaw, C E
TA 180049On 1/4/2018 11:54:00 AM at 11:54, an accident occured on 1701 W FM 646 at 2900 S GULF FWY.  Accident involving: Joel David Carrow, Amelia Kathleen RodgersStrachan, M D
TA 180048On 1/4/2018 12:23:03 PM at 11:28, an accident occured on 3100 W WALKER ST at W FM 646.  Accident involving: Brooke Adaire Boyd, Jose Nahun Ventura-cruzPerez, S V
TA 180051On 1/4/2018 1:53:00 PM at 13:53, an accident occured on 2400 E LEAGUE CITY PKWY at 6500 SOUTH SHORE BLVD.  Accident involving: Jorge Enrique Salazar, Kaitlin Elizabeth MoeWhitehead, J A
TA 180063On 1/4/2018 10:31:45 PM at 22:20, an accident occured on 901 W FM 517 at 400 BAY SKY DR.  Accident involving: <Unknown Person(s)>Gronseth, J B

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