Reader Survey
Texas Police News is reaching out to readers to see what you like or dislike
about the website and the stories and/or reports we bring you on a regular basis. 
We try to keep a feel for what our readers like by the activity in the Comments feature,
although that actually does not provide the information we feel is really important.

Below are some features we are particularly interested in getting your feedback about. 
In you answers, please refer to each by number.

1. Agency daily and/or weekly activity reports.
2. Agency daily and/or weekly arrests reports.
3. Stories involving officers/departments outside Texas.
4. Press Releases from US District Courts in Texas.
5. US Coast Guard reports
6. Amber Alerts from outside Texas
7. Crime Stopper Reports
8. Police Humor
9. County Commissioners Court Meeting Agendas from Texas counties.

10. Comment on any subject you wish.

NOTE:  Participants in this survey remain completely anonymous. 
Neither you name, email address or any other identifying
information is revealed to Texas Police News or the public.

Thank you for participating.

1. What is your primary interest in reading police news?


Do you find that Texas Police News provides information of interest that you do not find in your local newspaper?

What is the name of your local newspaper?

3. Keeping in mind that this website in not a local news website pertinent to any particular city, county or local region, is there any additional features you would like to see added to our reporting?

4. What part of our reporting is not of particular interest to you?

5. Do you live or work in Texas?  If so, in what city or county?

6. What is your honest opinion of local law enforcement where you live?  Efficiency, politics, leadership, honesty, etc.


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