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State your case: Should police officers participate in protests?
A number of LEOs have made headlines by joining activists during the George Floyd protests
Crisis comms: Saying nothing is the worst strategy
An enduring lesson for public safety leadership in recent years is that the public wants and expects accurate information, transparency
NJ state attorney general announces police reforms following protests
Some of the changes include licensing police officers and expanding the statewide use of force database
Videos, photos: Cops, activists connect during #GeorgeFloyd protests
As the nation grapples with widespread civil unrest, moments of connection have emerged
4 things cops need to know about synthetic marijuana
For starters, it’s not cannabis – learn what to look for on the street, how to protect yourself and how to gather evidence when dealing with these illicit chemicals
Police: Helmet saves Mo. trooper struck by gunfire during riots
The trooper was responding to riots Monday night when a bullet was fired into his moving car
Murder charge upgraded in Floyd case, 3 other cops charged
Derek Chauvin's charge has been upgraded to second-degree murder
Understanding the policing profession is essential for effective reform
In an era where policing remains highly trusted by most of the population, the movement for reform will likely be more grandstanding than groundbreaking
COPS hiring program awards nearly $400M in grants
The funding was awarded to almost 600 law enforcement agencies nationwide
Why this is a time for tried and true team tactics
Police officers need to be able to apply the right combination of tactics to maintain or restore peace and personally survive while doing it
Detroit police officer dies 3 years after being shot in head
Officer Waldis Johnson was shot by a suspect while responding to a domestic violence call in 2017
Watch: Ky. police say video shows restaurant owner fired gun before he was killed
The footage appears to show that David McAtee fired at least one shot before he was shot and killed by police
Calif. man with rifle impersonating National Guard arrested at LA protest
The man was confronted by real National Guard members after one noticed the decals on his clothing were wrong
Sheriff confirms will of ‘Tiger King’ star Carole Baskin’s dead husband was forged
The show has inadvertently raised theories that Baskin may have known more about her husband's disappearance than initially revealed
NY governor apologizes to NYPD over riot response
"There is not a police officer in this country that doesn't condemn what happened in Minnesota and we don't need to be targeted throughout this country for the actions of someone in Minnesota"
Pa. police: $5-$10k worth of looted items found in apartment
Police said the thieves took everything from tires to baby clothes and dozens of bottles of liquor
Utah man accused of threatening to kill police, arrested with weapons on way to protest
FBI and local police said two men made threats against law enforcement on social media and brought several weapons, including an AK-47, to a protest
Nation's streets calmest in days, protests largely peaceful
At one point, a Washington crowd booed when a protester climbed a light post and took down a street sign. A chant went up: “Peaceful protest!”
Culture is king: Change it or suffer
Caring about people builds positive culture – here's how to accomplish that
Fla. sheriff to looters: Owners will ‘blow you back out of the house with their guns’
Sheriff Grady Judd is getting some blowback for a comment he made Monday night during a press conference


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