Congress Introduces Bill to Revoke Medals of Honor Given to US Soldiers
Washington, D.C.
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Reps. Denny Heck (D-WA), Paul Cook (R-CA), and Deb Haaland (D-NM) have begun pushing for a bill to rescind the Medals of Honor given to U.S. soldiers who participated in the 1890 Wounded Knee massacre.

Twenty service members from the 7th Cavalry Regiment received medals after the attack, which claimed the lives of at least 150 Native Americans, roughly two-thirds of whom were women and children. Only a small percentage of Lakota warriors had arms. 

It is unclear who fired first. One version claims a deaf tribesman was reluctant to surrender his rifle, which went off as he and a U.S. soldier tussled over it.

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The representatives have nothing else to do, poor bored House Representatives Congress people. Probably darn democrats.
Posted by Peter bee at 6/28/2019 3:53:27 PM

They can’t take care of our First Responders but they can spend time on this!?
Posted by Roxy at 6/28/2019 6:11:23 PM

Tell me again why we pay these clowns to represent us??? Are there not more pressing issues? Who the hell knows what really happened? Have these clowns ever been in combat
Posted by Topcat at 6/29/2019 1:16:17 PM

Some body wake this country up these politicians wasting time and we have homeless people living in the streets what happened to a lot of the Native Americans was wrong this is true but would it not better help them by using that money these representatives wasted to help the homeless living on the reservations wow people worried about history so much that they wasted thousands to try to take back medals well what can you expect from a generation that attacks statutes that have stood for years better wake up America before its to late we may be our own worse enemy we may be our own down fall if we keep making stupid decisions start PRAYING people ask JESUS for forgiveness
Posted by Cracker lawson at 7/2/2019 5:34:33 PM

As a conservative white male, I have no qualm admitting this was a horrible massacre against Native Americans. If any race ever deserved any reparations, it would be the families of these slaughtered Indians.
Posted by Sasquatch at 7/3/2019 1:03:19 PM

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