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Hundreds of thousands demand Texas leaders step in to prevent gender ‘transition’ of 7-yr-old boy
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James Younger
James Younger

On Monday, a Dallas jury ruled 11-1 against father Jeffrey Younger in his fight against his ex-wife, Dr. Anna Georgulas, who wants to subject young James to puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones as well as legally force his father to treat him as a girl. Mr. Younger contends that all of this is being pursued against his son’s will.

The case has sparked intense national outrage even as the mainstream press largely ignores it, with experts warning that not only is affirming a child’s gender confusion psychologically unhealthy in the long run, but exposure to sex-change hormones carries serious physical risks including infertility, impairment of adult sex function, and reduced life expectancy.

As of the time of this writing, a petition calling on Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott and state lawmakers to intervene has received more than 211,000 signatures. LifeSiteNews has also launched its own petition calling to support James and his father, which will be delivered to the governor and Jeffrey Younger. LifeSite’s petition has collected more than 26,000 signatures so far.

“Conservatives would be wise to pressure Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick to convene a special session of the legislature and criminalize all non-medical removals of male or female genitalia,” Conservative Review senior editor Daniel Horowitz said. “Other states where Republicans control the governorship and state legislature should be encouraged to do so as well. In addition, Senate Republicans, who seem to have nothing better to do with their time anyway, should pass legislation stripping the federal courts of jurisdiction to interfere with these state laws.”

Several prominent conservative commentators also called on Gov. Abbott and state and federal lawmakers to intervene, as well as for President Donald Trump to help bring more attention to the case:

What a crazy world we live in when a parent can make a life long decision for a 7 year old child that has no understanding of the complexities of growing up and going through puberty. This whole scenario sounds like a jilted ex wife who wanted a daughter and is pushing to alter he prepubescent child's life without consideration the mental challenges he would face in a few short years. In my honest opinion, I think that Dr. Anna Georgulas and the juror's need to go through a mental evaluation. It also appears the jury were a bunch of left liberal fruit loops. Please GOD, save James Younger from this weirdo mother of his. His future life depends on it. This kid will go through so much physical and mental bullying that suicide may not be in his too far future if this is not stopped.
Posted by Sasquatch at 10/24/2019 9:42:04 AM

This doesn't sound sane or legal. She wanted a girl and got a boy. Too bad for her. The boy should be made to live with his father. She does not love her son. This is child abuse in the most worst way. There is no justification to even be brought up in a court. It is a choice that should be made, provided he wants it done, by her son as an adult. What a crime to even think of contemplating something like this. How very sad for this young child. Terribly, awfully sad and insane!
Posted by Neelie at 10/24/2019 3:33:00 PM

I totally agree with the above comment.I say no one can pursue a gender transition until are 21 or more years of age.
Posted by Ed at 10/24/2019 5:51:56 PM

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