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Deputy saves newborn’s life
Sampson County, N.C.
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A child’s life was spared this week thanks to the quick actions of Sampson County Sheriff’s Deputy Jorge Fernandez.

This past Sunday, Oct. 13, Fernandez and fellow Deputy Johnathan Dutton responded with EMS to a 2-month old child with an obstructed air-way on Trailer Park Lane. The call was originally dispatched at 4:25 p.m., as a cardiac arrest of a 2-month old child.

According to Dutton, the two deputies responded emergency traffic from Clinton to the residence. They arrived on scene before EMS. They house did not have any numerical markings so EMS passed the scene. Once the deputies made it there, deputy Fernandez leaped from his patrol car and ran straight towards the residence.

“Deputy Fernandez ran in the residence, located the two-month old child, that was now a shade of blue that no parent, let alone any rational human being, would ever want to see a 2-month-old,” Dutton stated. “Deputy Fernandez quickly, but carefully checked the child’s breathing and airway. Deputy Fernandez, with amazing care rolled the baby into his arms face down and began back thrust while I located EMS.”

Dutton alerted Fernandez that EMS had arrived on scene and Fernandez, with the child in his arms, made a dash across the yard toward the ambulance, all while continuing back thrust.

“Almost instantly after boarding the EMS truck, the baby, that was just a few seconds before a light shade of blue, vomited and began crying in Deputy Fernandez’s caring arms — a beautiful sound that rang from what was a few moments prior, a devastating scene. With this being said, I am requesting a Life Saving Award be given to Deputy Jorge Fernandez for his act of duty to save the life of this infant,” Dutton added, describing Fernandez’s actions as courageous with a heartfelt desire to help others.

“The partnership the Sheriff’s Office has with other public service agencies, such as EMS, is invaluable and necessary in order to continue to protect the lives of the citizens we all serve. Through team work, a child’s life was spared and a family will be forever grateful to the first responders who were there to render their child life saving medical aid,” Sheriff’s Lt. Marcus Smith proclaimed

On Oct. 15, two days after his response and life-saving act, Fernandez was given a commendation by Sheriff Jimmy Thornton.

“Your quick actions saved the life of a 2-month old child with an obstructed air-way. The proficient use of your training under the most stressful of conditions clearly demonstrates the high caliber of employee you are,” Thornton stated in the commendation. “Saving the life of a small child will certainly be the most cherished memory throughout your law enforcement career. Your steadfast dedication to the Sampson County Sheriff’s Office and the welfare of its citizens are truly appreciated. Please continue the good work and stay vigilant in your duties.”

Fernandez graduated from the Sampson Community College’s Basic Law Enforcement Training program in 2017.

Receives sheriff commendation for his actions
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