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Domestic Violence Awareness Month Sees Strong Prosecution of Abusers
Fort Bend County District Attorney
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Fort Bend County District Attorney’s Office




Domestic Violence Awareness Month Sees Strong Prosecution of Abusers



            October was National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  If you, or somebody you know, are a victim of domestic violence, you are not alone.  The Fort Bend County Women’s Center Crisis Hotline is (281) 342-HELP (4357) and the toll free number to the National Domestic Violence Hotline is 1 (800) 799-7233.  Help is just a phone call away – and it could save your life.


            Gilberto Alanis killed his wife, Edith, on February 11, 2017 when he shot her to death in what he claimed was an accident.  The 63-year old Sugar Land resident pled guilty to Murder before 400th District Court Judge Maggie Perez-Jaramillo in June and was reset so a presentence investigation report could be prepared for the court.  A hotly-contested sentencing hearing to determine the defendant’s punishment occurred on October 18th where Alanis claimed the shooting was accidental while he was trying to defend himself.  He later claimed mental health issues caused him to shoot his wife.  According to Chief Domestic Violence prosecutor Chad Bridges, the forensic evidence did not support the defendant’s claim that his firearm accidentally discharged.  Judge Jaramillo considered all of the evidence and then sentenced Alanis to 30 years in prison.


“The defendant’s callous crime and his history of domestic violence merited a long prison sentence,” said Deputy Domestic Violence Chief Sherry Robinson.  “And at his age, he’ll spend the rest of his life in prison.”



On the 10th day of October, 2017, as the rest of Fort Bend County was bathing their children and nestling into bed, something quite different was occurring at one Missouri City home.  A woman and her 2-year old daughter were eating pizza and spending time together when Jamond Derrell Joseph entered their home.  The child’s father, Joseph proceeded to a bedroom where he pushed the woman down, slammed her head into the ground, and punched her in the face.  His victim yelled for her safety as the defendant attacked her.  He placed his hand over her mouth, impeding her breathing, in front of their daughter. Joseph then ran out of the house and fled the scene.  The woman’s  911 call revealed a voice trembling with fear and hysteria.  When she was treated by EMS that evening, her eye and face was bruised and swollen.  This attack was the last in a series of assaults by Joseph.  He had previously kicked her in the head, and once strangled her in a parking lot until she lost consciousness – an assault the defendant perpetrated in front of their baby girl.  The woman testified that she did not report either incident because the defendant terrorized her by holding a knife to her throat on repeated occasions and sending her harassing text messages.  On October 22nd, after a guilty jury verdict in the 268th District Court before Judge O’Neil Williams, Joseph was sentenced to 5 years’ probation.  Violating the terms of his probation could subject Joseph to prison for as long as 5 years.


“It is common for victims of domestic violence to keep quiet.  Over 35% of women and 28% of men experience intimate partner physical violence, intimate partner rape and/or intimate partner stalking, according to a 2014 Center for Disease Control and Prevention study,” said lead prosecutor Rachel Fraser.  “It is imperative that victims understand that they are not alone in this battle.  Fort Bend County has resources to support victims and survivors of domestic violence.”   



Then, on the 24th day of November, 2017, Wisam Salahudddin Abdi Hayder arrived to his Sugar Land home from an out of town trip.  Angry that his wife had hung up on him over the phone, he pulled her away from their three young children and into their bedroom where he locked the door and began punching her all over her body.  Hayder then demanded she kiss his boot. When his wife refused, the defendant took off his belt and struck her with it until she finally gave in.  Hayder then began striking her with a whip all over her body. Their children knocked on the door after hearing their mother’s screams, which caused the defendant to stop the assault to take the children to their bedrooms. While the defendant was out of the room, the woman retrieved a secret cellphone she had received from a women’s shelter to text her neighbor to call 911 for help.  The Sugar Land Police Department arrived soon thereafter.  After seeing the multiple marks and bruises on the victim, and investigating the assault that just occurred, the police arrested Hayder for Assault-Family Violence. The defendant’s wife was eventually sent to the hospital to be evaluated for her injuries and was later released.  This case was called to trial on October 22, 2019 in County Court at Law #1 before Judge Christopher G. Morales. Prosecutors presented evidence of prior abuse, the 911 call, and testimony from the victim herself.  They also presented testimony from the investigating officers, the paramedics who arrived on scene, the nurse from the hospital, and a domestic violence expert to explain these types of relationships to the jury. After prosecutors presented all of their evidence, the defendant took the witness stand where he denied the assault altogether. After a three-day trial, the jury returned a guilty verdict in just over an hour.  Hayder was sentenced to a two-year probation to include counseling and 30 days in jail.


“Although this case had challenges, the jurors stayed focused and assessed the evidence before them to reach a just result,” said Veronica L. Jones, lead prosecutor on the case.  “Help comes when called, so call before it’s too late.”

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