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Arcola Police Officer Arrested For Theft
Arcola, Texas
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Cartrell Vonshae Carhee, formerly a peace officer with the Arcola Police Department, has been indicted by a Fort Bend County Grand Jury for the felony offense of Theft by a Public Servant.  The indictment alleges that on January 16, 2019, Carhee appropriated two Michael Kors purses without the effective consent of the owner while working as a public servant for the Arcola Police Department.  The indictment places the value of the purses between $750 and $2,500.

Fort Bend County District Attorney Brian Middleton commended Arcola Police Chief Michael Ellison for taking prompt action when the theft was reported by the complainant.  “Chief Ellison immediately reported the incident to the Texas Rangers, requested an investigation, and provided the Arcola Police Department in-car videos of the traffic incident to which Officer Carhee was responding on the date in question.” 

Theft of property valued between $750 and $2,500 is normally a Class A Misdemeanor; however, the law provides that when it is committed by a public servant, and the property came into the defendant’s custody, control, or possession by virtue of his status as a public servant, the penalty range is increased one level.  A State Jail Felony is punishable by 180 days to 2 years in the state jail and a fine not to exceed $10,000.


Styles Unit is a fairly nice place to visit for a couple years.
TDCJ-ID ret.
Posted by USMC66'- at 1/26/2020 4:11:05 PM

Why be a cop if you don't wanna be a cop?
Posted by Big Al at 2/2/2020 3:45:33 PM

Styles Unit has plenty of room for this failure...
Posted by Ed Matthews at 2/2/2020 6:04:59 PM

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