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Members of the Buffalo police unit caught on tape seriously injuring an elderly man during a protest this week have resigned en masse from the unit, but not the department itself, to show support for two officers suspended in the episode. WIVB In New York City, at least 633 civilian complaints were filed against the NYPD after a week of protests. The Washington Post After New York police arrest protesters for violating curfew FBI agents interrogate them about their political views. The Intercept The NYPD also now is “kettling” peaceful protesters by trapping them in confined public spaces that do not allow demonstrators to exit and then violently arresting them. The New York Times

Sort of a selectively edited summary paragraph, don't you think?

The Buffalo man was a well known leftist agitator who was overheard planning to provoke them into a lawsuit and who was so "injured" falling when he was pushed that he was on his phone in ambulance.

in NYC, we only had about $50 million in damages (compared to the $400 million nationwide) from looting, arson, a dozen or so cops injured by bricks and glass, to say nothing of millions of disarmed law abiding New Yorkers barricaded in their homes sleeping next to fire extinguishers because communist and anarchist led rioters were intent on burning the city down, with the acquiescence and encouragement oh I meant "understanding of politicians from the Governor on down.

And staying on police news, search "
Shootings Surge, Murders up over 100 Percent as Protesters Flood NYC.:

EVERYONE condemns the murder of George Floyd (though he was who was convicted of armed robbery where he stuck a gun in the belly .of a pregnant woman);

But no one should have sympathy for the rioting, looting and arson and KILLING OF 2 COPS and fifteen civilians during the riots that hijacked peaceful demonstrations.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.

Posted by jf at 6/14/2020 1:05:48 PM

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