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Remember your 'why'
For most officers, our 'why' is to live a life of service to others
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The last few weeks have placed law enforcement in the crosshairs of legal and political pundits. When most enter our noble profession and sit in front of their first oral board, they hear a familiar question: “Why do you want to become a police officer?” Stereotypical answers I have heard include “To drive fast” and “To get in high-speed chases.” But I suggest that if we were able to see the thousands of answers given during these interviews the majority would be: “To serve,” “To make a difference,” “To help others.”

For most LEOs, our “why” is to live a life of service to others at the cost of our own well-being. Although it is reported through evidence-based research that our lifespan is shorter than that of the average citizen, we continue to choose this life.

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I am glad I retired I could not do the job now when our men in uniform must bow before protesters and stand and watch a building set on fire and their supervisors tell them to do NOTHING how disgusting how could any one with a badge do that THAT IS NOT WHAT YOU SIGNED UP FOR people PRAY for this nation and law enforcement supervisors don't turn your backs on your people I held two different supervisor positions in my law enforcement career if the people under me where wrong I handled them but if they where right I stood up for them even if my supervisor did not like it right is right be a man officers your knees don't bend for no one but JESSUS if your in a job that wants you to bow to criminals its time to change jobs its not what you signed up for if this hurts some feelings well may be it needs to think about it
Posted by Cracker lawson at 7/3/2020 11:46:13 PM

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