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UPDATE; Retail Crime Member Jailed After Car Chase With League City Police
League City
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<b>Alvisha LaShay Williams</>
Alvisha LaShay Williams
Texas Police News recently learned new information regarding Alvisha LaShay Williams, the arrestee in this story.  From a dependable source we have learned she has committed thefts in the following cities. Although she was not arrested in each of these thefts, she was observed on video leaving with the merchandise. The dollar value of these thefts is noted in each city.
League City - $757
Alvin - $496
Pearland - $730 - $973 - $1205 - $445 - $503 - $385 - $1449 - $768 - $805 -  $426 - $442 - $400
Houston - $442 - $1142
Missouri City - $1525
Pasadena - $791

LEAGUE CITY, TX - A purported member of an organized retail theft ring has been jailed in League City after being spotted by an undercover deputy Constable as she left the League City Walmart thru a rear fire exit with a cart loaded with televisions and lawn equipment.

Alvisha LaShay Williams, a 41-year old black woman, was finally arrested after leading the deputy and League City Police Officer Dan Criter on a car chase during which she drove facing oncoming traffic, ran three stop signs, sped through a construction zone and hit two other vehicles.

Williams was finally stopped on the Gulf Freeway feeder street near the El Dorado exit. When she was removed from her vehicle, she physically resisted arrest resulting in her being Tazed by officer.

Williams was first observed by Deputy Constable Ross McCammon who works undercover for Constable Jerry Fisher in Precinct 4 in League City.  McCammon said he was observing the shopping center for any signs of criminal activity such as thefts, purse snatchings, muggings, and the types of crimes which generally occur in large retail parking areas.

When Williams noticed that McCammon was watching her she fled not knowing who he was but knowing he was watching her and then following her from the parking lot.  McCammon works in plain clothes and drives an unmarked vehicle.  He is a retired Houston Police Officer who has been working in the Constable’s undercover crime suppression unit for 16 years and has been responsible for many arrests in major crime cases.

Williams has a long criminal history with arrests in several Texas counties. She reportedly belongs to a retail crime ring in which she steals expensive merchandise, turns it into the crime ring leader who sells it and pays her a share of the sale. In this case she had stolen two 50 inch televisions and a weed eater.

Organized retail crime (ORC) refers to professional shopliftingcargo theft, retail crime rings and other organized crime occurring in retail environments. One person acting alone is not considered an example of organized retail crime. These criminals move from store to store and even city to city. Working in teams, some create distractions while others steal everything from infant formula to DVDs. Often, they are stocking up on specified items at the request of the organized crime leader.

According to Brian J. Nadeau, former program manager of the FBI's Organized Retail Theft Program, “These aren’t shoplifters taking a pack of gum. These are professional thieves.”[1]

The FBI has estimated that the losses attributed to organized retail crime could reach as much as $30 billion a year.”[1] In the UK, respondents to the British Retail Consortium's annual crime survey for the financial year 2013-2014 estimated that organized retail crime accounted for 40% of all shop thefts.[2]

Williams is being held in the Galveston County Jail on charges of Theft and Evading Arrest.  Her bail has been set at $60,000.


This one doesn't matter now.Another TDC candidate.
Posted by USMC66'- at 9/7/2020 1:39:44 PM

Thank you God, for all our Law Enforcement Officers and good citizens, who report, observant crimes taking place. Thank you, Constable McCammon, for getting this "scum" off the streets. Let her and her coherts rot in jail (or prison!!)
Posted by noname at 9/7/2020 1:48:09 PM

Way to go Ross keep up the good work
Posted by LE at 9/7/2020 1:48:53 PM

Good job! Another criminal off the street!
Posted by Big Al at 9/8/2020 7:53:18 AM

Should she have done this in the name of BLM and set fire to the place before leaving, then all would have been forgiven. I'm pretty sure that is the rule of engagement for that group and the left will forgive, and possibly bail you out.
Posted by Sasquatch at 9/9/2020 12:48:00 PM

I heard that McCammon was being cut from the Constable’s Office because of politics and pressure from the BLM gang doesn’t surprise me about King Henry and his court jesters aka county commissioners
Posted by Le at 9/11/2020 12:42:26 PM

Hello, I work for one of the many retailers that Alvisha stole from, is there any update on her on whether she was bonded out?? I can't seem to find her in Galveston County's jail as a current inmate anymore and would like to know if I need to be on the look out for her yet again.

Thanks in advance
Posted by Juan at 10/1/2020 11:16:53 AM

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