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Pa. chief, sergeants sue township over pressure to issue tickets
The lawsuit alleges township supervisors repeatedly directed the police department to issue more traffic tickets, then attempted to retaliate when the chief pushed back
ICE director blames 'sanctuary' policies for NYC killing
Matthew Albence said the killing of a 92-year-old-woman could have been prevented if city officials had complied with a request to turn over the assailant for deportation
Father to join son as fellow Honolulu police officer
Wendell Ko will join the Honolulu Police Department seven years after his son, Jonathan, did the same
How does Glock reliability stack up against fallible .22lr?
A review of the Glock G44, the role of which is potentially much larger than some might imagine
Trauma-informed police interview effectiveness
Here's how Cognitive Interviewing can help investigators gather detailed and accurate info from victims of trauma that can lead to an increase in guilty pleas
Photo of the Week: Lazy boys
Attorneys: Cleveland police violated internal policies in pursuit that ended in 13-year-old's death
Attorneys for the family of the girl killed when a suspect drove a stolen vehicle onto a sidewalk allege police were 'reckless' during the pursuit
Fla. police seeking man who glided to larceny in high-tech hover shoes
Police posted a Facebook video of the suspect, who glided out of a Walmart store with a cart of stolen goods
Why we cannot leave our safety to luck
The video of a police officer who survived being hit by a train while pursuing a suspect provides an opportunity to review principles of situational awareness
Video: Man attacks Fla. officer responding to crash
An officer responding to a vehicle crash was punched and pinned to a fence before two nearby security guards came to her aid
Police uncover new evidence in NY serial killer case nearly a decade old
The mystery following the discovery of 11 sets of human remains is about to be highlighted in a new Netflix film coming out in March
Organizers file emergency appeal against Va. gun rally weapons ban
A judge previously ruled in favor of the ban after law enforcement identified 'credible evidence' that armed groups planned to attend the rally
ICE subpoenas Denver LE for information on 4 men wanted for deportation
This is the first time subpoenas have been sent to a law enforcement agency — an escalation of the conflict between ICE and so-called sanctuary cities
Former LA sheriff ordered to report to prison for corruption
Lee Baca's final appeal of his corruption conviction was declined by the Supreme Court on Monday
Ex-LA deputy arrested on fake sniper shooting allegations
Angel Reinosa was arrested on suspicion of filing a false report of a fake shooting last August
Judge denies red flag petition requesting seizure of Colo. officer's guns
Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith, who previously said he would not serve notice about the petition, said he was 'pleased' with the ruling
During state-wide breathalyzer fraud probe, Mich. police turn to slower blood tests
Officials say the recall of portable breathalyzer tests adds time, inconvenience to drunk driving arrests and court cases
NYPD preparing to expand crash-response program designed to lower officer response times
Officials say the pilot program, where police do not respond to crashes that only involve property damage, decreased response times for priority jobs
Fla. detective run over, 'seriously injured' while trying to arrest kidnapping suspect
The detective, whose name has not been released, suffered internal injuries and broken bones
2 former officers indicted in fatal Houston drug raid
Former partners Gerald Goines and Steven Bryant are also facing federal charges


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