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The books on this list fall into a very exclusive category -- books not only worth reading, but books worth owning.  Some of them may even change the way you look at the world of police officers and law enforcement.
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The Sniper
Chris Anderson - Houston Police Officer (Ret)
Books We Recommend:
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ߦ   Dispatcher Stress

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The true story of a crew of serial killers whose specialty was robbing armored trucks and how they were ultimately undone. Unique to these particular criminals was its paramilitary-type operational sophistication and their use of a sniper hidden within a specially modified vehicle.

In an around-the-clock, high-risk surveillance operation - which over three months, with many twists and turns, utilizing covertly mounted vehicle tracking devices, hidden cameras, cell phone analysis, shadowy informants, and a wiretap - a small, elite undercover police tactical units along with its attached federal agents and prosecutors all worked together to stage a decoy operation that stopped these criminals moments before they were planning to kill another armored truck courier with their sniper

About The Author

A 39 year Veteran of the Houston Police Department, Chris Andersen has had many assignments in his career including working as a Homicide investigator as well as a sergeant supervising a SWAT Assault Team. He also has extensive undercover experience obtained while working in the departments Pro Active Internal Affairs Unit, investigating police corruption cases, as well as Tactical Units where he was tasked with dismantling the commercial business robbery crews which plague the Houston area. He is also a recognized expert in "High Risk Surveillance" tactics and teaches his techniques and strategy to other members of the department as well as other law enforcement agencies. He is a highly decorated police sergeant receiving many awards, including the Medal of Valor, and one of only two members of the Houston Police Department to ever receive the FBI Directors Award for Excellence.

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