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Special Crimes
Books We Recommend:
ߦ   THE TORN BLUE: 25 Years Working The Streets
ߦ   Special Crimes
ߦ   The Sniper
ߦ   The Deprived - Innocent on Death Row
ߦ   K9 Teams - Beyond the Basics of Search and Rescue and Recovery
ߦ   WIN: A Memoir of a School Shooting by Gabe Medrano
ߦ   Dishonored And Forgotten
ߦ   Blood Trails Across Texas
ߦ   Leaving Blue
ߦ   Dispatcher Stress

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Special Crimes is the capstone of a lifetime career in law enforcement for Houston native Kenny Rodgers, and details not only the inner workings of the Harris County District Attorney Special Crimes Bureau, but the complete behind-the-scenes investigations and ultimate take-down of some of the most notorious criminals in the Lone Star State during the 1970s and 80s.

From "The Black Widow" to "Yankee" (former Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Yarbrough) and Karla Faye Tucker, from murder-for-hire to lust, revenge, and greed, Special Crimes is a smorgasborg of citizens at their worst and good cops at their best, including those rare, insufferable, and hilarious moments when the gun misfires, the heel falls off the shoe, or the chase begins in earnest.

WORDS OF PRAISE FOR SPECIAL CRIMES “In Memoirs of a DA Investigator, Kenny Rodgers, former Investigator in the Office of the District Attorney of Harris County, Texas lays out the varied, and frequently unusual and dangerous, duties of this very specialized breed of peace officer. These experienced men and women are relied upon by prosecutors in major cities to help them prepare for trial and, in the organization in which Rodgers worked, actually performed initial investigations.

The Special Crimes unit put together a varied array of prosecutions including an organized crime murder of a witness in a federal fraud case in Arkansas, the bribery of a district judge in Houston, safe housing for an essential witness during the trial of a contract killer. It was in these and other similar cases that Kenny gained the experience and knowledge required to accurately relate the hard work, patience, fortitude, and perseverance required to do the DA Investigator job.

Every reader will find this book to be a learning experience about the criminal justice system.”— Robert “Bob” Bennett, former Harris County Assistant District Attorney and Chief of the Special Crimes Bureau“A very entertaining and insightful read.

Kenny Rodger’s book is reminiscent of stories from Joseph Wambaugh, gritty, often humorous, and brutally honest. The book details the unfortunate and sometimes deadly results for the victims of ‘special’ criminals.”— Jim McLain, Retired Louisiana Probation and Parole Agent “This book is a must-read for anyone interested in the true crime stories of Harris County, Texas.

Sometimes gritty and salty, this book offers firsthand details and the backstories of some of the most interesting and infamous crimes and criminals in Harris County history. Former Chief DA Investigator Kenny Rodgers hasn’t lost his “old school” touch.

An entertaining read for sure.”— Mark W. Stephens, Retired Houston Police Investigator“WOW, what insightful stories of true crimes! Awesome! Magnificent! Well written, great reading, a police-police officers’ story. I thoroughly enjoyed reading each story.”—

Linda Bell-Robinson, Ed.D., Former Houston Area Police Officer“In Houston, Texas, the 1970s and 1980s was a time of flamboyant criminality and flamboyant criminals. Kenny Rodgers was on the front lines of the prosecution of many of these characters. His memoir of those efforts is engrossing reading.”— John Boone, Retired Harris County Assistant District Attorney

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