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Another "Good Cop" Story"
Galveston County
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Texas Police News makes every effort to spotlight law enforcement officers who 'go above and beyond' as the saying goes.  Actually we just want to share the good things these men and women do daily that you never hear about.

We just learned about this event which involved a Galveston County Sheriff's Deputy by the name of Travis Hall. Travis (we'll call him by his first name because we consider him a friend now) pulled into a Corner Store (Valero) on his motorcycle recently.  As he got off his bike he noticed a wad of cash laying on the ground.  Travis picked it up and took it inside the store where he saw a man standing at the counter frantically digging into his pockets.  Travis held out the wad of cash.  "Looking for this"? he asked the man.  The man gasped and replied "yes", and would not stop thanking Travis. Travis casually walked to the beer cooler, grabbed a 12-pack and went to the cashier.  The man offered to pay for his beer but Travis declined and the man said to him, "God just nodded at you, you're a good man."

We inquired around and learned that in addition to being a Galveston County Deputy, Travis is also a member of the Thin Blue Line, a law enforcement motorcycle club and he is in the Army National Guard.

Travis is shipping out today to serve his country for a month in Germany.

They just don't get better than Travis.

Bon Voyage Travis. Thank you for your service.  Travel with God.

Breck Porter
Texas Police News

Thanks for a positive law enforcement story. They happen everyday everywhere. However, most media don't consider these stories newsworthy...Kudos to Travis. Be safe my brother!

Lt. Tommy Hansen
Posted by Tommy Hansen at 6/1/2016 11:48:15 AM

What a nice "true" story ... enlightened my heart ... tired of reading of all the crimes, senseless shootings, killings, robberies and etc. May God be with Travis Hall and safe travels!!!! What a good and decent man!!!! (P.S. The man who lost the money, sounded like an good guy also AND I bet he didn't know Travis was law enforcement.)
Posted by noname at 6/1/2016 7:46:44 PM

God Bless.
Posted by daffy.409 at 6/1/2016 9:22:58 PM

Police Officers do things like this EVERY DAY, It took the Police News to report what other media won't. Thank You Breck..
Posted by Just a cop at 6/2/2016 8:58:08 AM

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