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ߦ   Have you seen her? Police searching for teen after her bike was found 1 day after she went missing
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ߦ   Pursuit involving a state trooper ends in crash at busy El Paso intersection
ߦ   Remains found in Pasadena bayou confirmed to be 2-year-old Nadia Lee, medical examiner says
ߦ   California man arrested 10 times in 31 days
ߦ   Coast Guard medevacs man from tanker 32 miles offshore Corpus Christi
ߦ   Former Oklahoma Jail Officer Pleads Guilty to Civil Rights Violation

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We are curious to know from our readers the answer to this one question.  The reason for it is because Texas Police News tries to provide stories and information that you normally do not read in the mainstream media.  We consider the stories we provide important and of reader interest.  However, we find the mainstream media will ignore these stories because they are not dramatic enough and do not have the bling and zing that will will sell ads or commercials.

As an added note you will notice that some stories we post are not actually police news, however we feel that if the story is a matter of public safety we should publish it.  An example is FDA food recalls which could affect everyone in a tragic way.

How many of our stories today have you NOT already seen on TV or read in a print publication?
Just post a number only unless you wish to comment also.

Thank you for your input.

Breck Porter, Editor
Texas Police News

I find almost everything you post interesting and most of it I have not read anywhere else. That's why I read you.
Today I find only 3 stories that I have seen in the regular media, the rest are all new to me. Just keep on keeping on.
Posted by Wilco at 6/2/2016 1:52:45 PM

Breck, I find that you publish many unique, informative items that I don't read elsewhere. Please continue the good work.

Posted by John Kinard at 6/2/2016 2:05:51 PM

I marvel at the stories I see printed here from the Dallas area that I do not read in the newspapers or see on TV. Very interesting and worth the read. All the stories I have read here I have not seen or heard them elsewhere. Keep up the good work.
Posted by Mary at 6/2/2016 8:46:53 PM

I have commented on the stories in your periodical before and again I would like to commend you on the stories that you run.
The stories you print concern the average citizen no matter what part of the country for the news value that inform the general public that read your paper.
If it is not slanderous or sometimes and out and out lie that is the only articles that you see in the news paper during this election year. Keep up and inform the public that read your paper what is pertinent to them and like before thank you for a job very well done.
Posted by whatstheuse at 6/3/2016 10:47:08 AM

As stated by others, I only see a few that make the "mainstream" news. Your doing a great service to the community. Please continue to do so.
Posted by John M. at 6/3/2016 12:40:53 PM

The stories and articles are always a good read, but you fail to report much from any areas south of San Antonio. Being from the RGV, there Is always something newsworthy but never seems to make your publication.
Posted by The Sarge at 6/3/2016 12:41:14 PM

Most are news to me and sometimes I hear about a story after I have already read it here!
Posted by Carmen at 6/3/2016 12:42:18 PM

The news stories are really good and I read
them everyday. James F.
Posted by James Faulkner at 6/3/2016 5:55:32 PM

I have only seen one story in another source from today's TPN.
Posted by JF at 6/5/2016 4:52:41 AM

I tune in everyday and enjoy the reads. The answer to your question is "2".
Posted by V Bottom at 6/5/2016 11:28:52 AM

Scale of 1-10 ... Police News rates a 10. Like others, most of the news you publish, I read before, (if ever,I see it on the news). AND that is not always good, as they do the "politically correct", rather than the "full truth". Thank you and please keep doing what you have been doing ... works for my reading (and learning).
Posted by noname at 6/6/2016 11:40:43 AM

Fact not Fiction! Keep up the good work Breck!
Posted by Big Al at 6/6/2016 7:03:49 PM

I hardly ever watch the news and it is usually here that I find the good stuff. Keep it up, my friend!

To Sarge, tell your RGV police chiefs and county sheriffs to send in their reports and they will get published! Info in gets info out! Or, you could be the reporter for your area.
Posted by Knick Kname at 6/6/2016 8:16:30 PM

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