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NJ police break up Pink Floyd cover concert for violating social distancing order
The homeowner hosting the show was charged with disorderly conduct for hosting the gathering of 30 people
COVID-19: Law enforcement deaths
Tracking the coronavirus-related deaths of U.S. police officers
La. deputy dies from COVID-19
Sgt. Gregory Warren was 'a dedicated public servant' who served in the U.S. Marines prior to becoming a deputy
Ky. city orders COVID-19 patients refusing to self-isolate to wear tracking devices
Officers responding to homes where tracking devices are needed have raised concerns about the lack of PPE available to them
3 NYPD officers die of COVID-19
All three officers served with the department for at least two decades, officials said
The Newhall gunfight: 50 years later
Every officer in uniform today is the beneficiary of the lessons taught to us by the Newhall officers
New partnership gives NYPD officers faster access to free COVID-19 tests
Officers will have access to free testing at 74 locations around the city, when previously only drive-through testing sites were available
After COVID-19 death of Fla. deputies, 'fear factor' among police amplified
Law enforcement officers say their fear for their safety has increased as departmental PPE reserves continue to be depleted and confirmed cases rise
Use of force to enforce stay-at-home orders
Officer discretion, common sense and good judgment are more important than ever in these difficult times
Fla. deputy dies from COVID-19 complications
Sgt. Jose Diaz Ayala was a 14-year veteran of the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office
COVID-19 limits bring new tensions around religious freedom
Despite limits on public gatherings, some faith leaders have persisted in holding services, raising questions about how, or if, enforcement should be done
Fla. deputy dies of COVID-19
Deputy Shannon Bennett, a 12-year veteran, served as a school resource officer
Miami Beach police form squads to target out-of-towners flouting COVID-19 quarantine order
Officers will respond to tips from residents and will only cite or arrest individuals as a last resort, officials said
SF police begin issuing citations to shelter-in-place violators
The department first asked the public for 'voluntary compliance,' during COVID-19 pandemic, now will give one warning before issuing a citation
From pro basketball to policing, Seattle officer continues to make a difference
Rosell Ellis now serves as a police officer and is taking part in the department’s new recruitment campaign
NYPD auxiliary officer dies from COVID-19 complications
Auxiliary Police Lt. Pierre Moise had served with the NYPD since 1994
Officials: Chicago officer’s death from COVID-19 will be considered on-duty
Because of that, Officer Marco DiFranco's family will be able to access financial benefits, police leaders said
The hazards of bail reform
Advocates of accused offenders have called for "cash bail" to be ended, citing economic inequities
Photo of the Week: Post-training pose
Calif. deputies shop for elderly man who didn’t want to leave his home due to COVID-19
The deputies took the man’s grocery list and returned to leave his food and supplies at the door


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