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Sheriff: Ellis County campsite will become ‘miniature city’ to accommodate undocumented children from Central America - READ
Waxahachie, Texas
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Ellis County officials held a news conference this morning to discuss how they plan to house hundreds of Central American children amid concerns from residents about safety.

The nearly 500 children, all undocumented, will be taken to the Lakeview Camp and Retreat Center near Waxahachie over the next few days. The plan right now is to house them at the facility over the next 21 days, while officials figure out where to send them next.


The following are Facebook posts by Precinct 4 Constable Mike Jones of Ellis County.

***UPDATE*** 12/10/2015 1030


NOTE:::  For security reasons, I will not be divulging any Law Enforcement detailed information..  Just believe that we have a strong contingency plan.


     First off, this only concerns Ellis County and the folks who live here.  I will not tolerate anymore complaining comments on here, and I will block you and erase your comment.  If you don't live here, don't call us racist for not wanting to extend the welcome mat.  I welcome a discussion if you disagree with what is going on here, but not insults.


     I attended a meeting this morning with Ellis County Law Enforcement with jurisdictions that surround the Lake view Camp.  A lot has happened since my first post on this issue last night. 


    Now, for the update concerning these (children).  The Ellis County Sheriff's Office will now be spearheading the security while these kids are here.  The companies contracted to handle this movement is somewhat squared away and will also be bringing their security team.  First arrivals will be 400 workers on Thursday.   Then sporadically the kids will arrive.  The Sheriff does not have authority over private property, and I think we want it that way.  We are oath keepers remember.  With that comes a strong support of our constitution and the freedom from illegal search and seizures to include property and body.  He has however,circled the wagons and we have come up with a game plan to handle these transients with the utmost respect, but caution.  Remember, Ronald Reagan said "Trust but Verify" and that is what we intend to do.  At no time will these kids be left alone.  There will always be someone (security) inside these rooms/dorms awake monitoring the kids while they are asleep.  At no time will these kids be left alone.  They will have no transportation, should they attempt to escape, so threats to our surrounding community is very low.  It still is my advice to be aware of the goings on, and I will update this as events unfold.  This should be completed in approximately 21 days. 


  I urge anyone who wants to march or have a protest not to do so, because there is no room out on FM 66 to accomplish that.  You can't go onto private property, and you can't interfere with traffic either.  YOU must obey the law and not wind up in jail over this mess.  If you so desire to protest, my advice would be to obtain a permit from the City of Waxahachie and protest around the Court House in Waxahachie.  Remember, the Elected officials and normal county employees who work there and for you all, had NOTHING to do with this, and have no say so over what private property owners do if it is not illegal.  So do not take out your frustrations or anger on them.  My contact with them is they feel the same way as you do, and are concerned about the safety of the citizens.  Peaceful protest is always an American way of life, but you are protesting the Federal Government not Ellis County. 


     We are forced to accept what is happening, but I see us mitigating any dangers you may fear.  I feel strongly that you all are safe, and that all precautions are being discussed and addressed.  I will post more as I know it.


Mike Jones    


UPDATE:::  12/09/15 Revolution - 2040


When I was contacted about this issue, we didn't know who the folks were that were coming. We have been subsequently told that it is mostly young males ages 12 - 18 and most are from Guatemala.  According to Federal sources, there will be 1 adult for every 8 teenagers, and we don't know if this adult is an illegal immigrant too or a federal worker.  Also according to federal sources, HHS, these immigrants will not be entering any schools or mingling with the general population.   That being said, we know how the government has treated Texas for 7 years now.  I am not trying to falsely alarm anyone here in Ellis County, and I could care less what others who live outside our county thinks.  I want everyone to know, that we DON'T expect any issues to arise that we can't handle, but we will also be more vigilant concerning the surrounding communities.  Again, my intent here is to notify the people of Ellis County what is going on, and that is all.  I don't want anyone showing up armed or trying to hurt anyone.  I just want you to be aware of these immigrants.  15 - 18 year old males from Guatemala are different than your normal lazy, computer playing kid here in he USA.  These kids have grown up fast, and their maturity will be light years ahead of our kids.  I am not buying the fact that they all have been cleared of any criminal activity perpetrated in their country before illegally coming to ours.  So for all those who have posted that I am racist (married to a hispanic woman) or trying to incite a riot, I merely am trying to keep my citizens safe and aware.  That's what they want of their law enforcement here.  On a personal level, I (and numerous others here) have been trying to help a couple of families here in Midlothian  (African American and Mexican) who are less fortunate than others, and one who up until August was homeless with three children (African American).  She was also facing an eviction in Ellis County.  The good people reached out to these families and have provided them with their needs for now and paid her December rent.  My point is, where is the federal government for them?  Our own American's here locally facing evictions and no Christmas because of their governments absence..  Yet you want to ask me where is my "compassion", or is my "sheet clean for the rally".  You call me a racist because I think our Tax Dollars should instead be spent on our own folks who are suffering.  Where were you when I asked for help with these other families?  You were silent then...Not one of you complainers showed up to help.  Not one of you took time out of your busy day to show compassion to them  (I know which ones did)..  I can sleep well tonight, can you?  I will help any American in need, I have proven it.  Have you?



I have just found out that the federal government is bringing 300 to 700 illegal immigrants to the Assembly of God Church Camp located on FM 66 in Maypearl tomorrow.  I was notified by a high ranking official who said he called Congressman Barton's office as well as our Senator's office to complaint and was told there was nothing that could be done.  Apparently no one in Texas knows how many are actually going to be temporarily housed there, before being resettled in the Dallas Metroplex.  My question is "WHY ARE WE BRINGING ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS FURTHER AWAY FROM THE SOUTHERN BORDER?"  Shouldn't we be moving them closer to the border so we can kick their butts back across the Rio Grande?.  Some say 300, some say 700!!  Here we go you all.  I am told these Illegals are NOT Syrians, but are South Americans!  Are you kidding me?  Are we supposed to believe anything the Obama administration tells us?  Get this, NO SECURITY!!!!!!!  That's right you guys, the government is NOT paying for security!  I spoke to the Sheriff and we are gearing up to answer the calls we are afraid are going to come in.  My advice to everyone is to remain vigilant, and to carry your weapon at all times.  Ellis County Law Enforcement (My Office Included) will be on a heighten State of Alert to provide a safety net for our citizens,  We will increase patrolling in the affected areas you guys.  Please pass this information along to everyone you know.  Do not hesitate to call 911 if you suspect something is going on.  Let us check it out.   Meanwhile we will be working hard to get these folks out of Ellis County... Law Enforcement wasn't told until late this afternoon, but apparently the County Judge knew yesterday, but never told the Sheriff..

As I stated in my post last night, the Ellis County Judge, Carol Bush knew about these immigrants coming to our County Tuesday 12/08/2105.  She was on a conference call with HHS the federal agency tasked with assisting immigrants coming into our country illegally.  She didn’t inform any County Law Enforcement officials, one being the Sheriff who would be responsible for any issues that break State Law as this camp is located in the County, or the Precinct 2 Constable Terry Nay, who shares Law Enforcement Jurisdiction with the Sheriff.  She has yet to contact the Sheriff, and today is 12/10/2015.  Yet now she wants attention focused on her office in relation to media inquiries as is shown in this email sent by her secretary.  Directing County Employees to direct all inquiries to her office.  Well, the Sheriff and the Constables are not Employees, but elected officials.  Elected by the citizens of Ellis County.  We do not report to a County Judge, and she continues to have issues with us because of it.


Respect is EARNED not given.  This continued display of disrespect for the Elected Sheriff and Constables is shameful!


     We should be working together, but she refuses, and she knows it costs the citizens more grief than it does us.  She knows it hurts the citizens when she hobbles our capabilities to patrol as needed because she has lowered our fuel budgets in protest to our not acknowledging her as the BOSS...  really?  Well below is the email from today.  Can you spell Narcissistic?

We need to address why Mexico is waving them through. They never should've made it past their Southern border.

Send them all home.
Posted by SecureOurBorderNOW at 12/11/2015 9:53:20 AM

I bet Waxahachie is all pleased about this one. If the borders were secure the USA would not have this problem. The USA is about 30 years behind when it comes to secure borders, the other countries do it for a reason and the USA should be doing it too!!! No one has figured it out immediately send them back and after the word gets out the border is shut down the traffic will drop dramatically, they do it because they can get away with it and once over here they get all sorts of freebies!!
Posted by Slappy at 12/11/2015 11:42:50 AM

Kudos to Mike Jones for his courage and his wisdom in this unfortunate situation. Wish we had more like him. In the meantime, we will all just have to do our best, regardless of whether (or not) we agree with what our chosen Government officials are shoving down our throats.

Thank you for your service Mike Jones.
Posted by Wendy at 12/12/2015 11:23:55 AM

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