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Police mug shots of offenders arrested
in The Police News coverage area.

  Atkinson, Sherry Felicia 

Sherry Felicia Atkinson, 49
Galveston Transient
Arrested 12/16/09 Public Intoxication
3900 Ave J, Galveston 

  Campbell, Alexander Uriah 

Alexander Uriah Campbell, 25
15525 Mountain View, Space 54
Hot Springs, Calif.
Arrested 12/09/2209 in Galveston at
2828 Seawall, Float's Pool & Patio Bar
Drunk & Refusing to Leave 

  Chandler, Dallas Bernard 

Dallas Bernard Chandler, 21
Arrested by Texas City Police
Burglary of a Motor Vehicle
Unauthorized Use of MV 

  Dean, Terry Lynn 

Terry Lynn Dean, 54
1901 5th Ave N, Texas City
Arrested 12/09/2009 in Galveston
Drunk in Public during a disturbance
2700 Ave D 

  Dorman, Del Timmons 

Del Timmons Dorman, 52
1707 Cedar Ave. Shady Side, MD
Arrested 12/16/2009
8800 Seawall, Galveston
Possession of Marijuana 

  Groom, Derrick 

Derrick Groom, 24
6127 Grover, Galveston
Arrested 12/14/2009
Valero, 1927 61st St., Galveston
Assulting Family Member 

  Hardeman, John Eugene 

John Eugene Hardeman, 34
Alias: john-john, little john
Galveston Transient
Arrested 12/14/2009
Sunny Food Mart (Pay Phone)
5027 Ave J, Galveston
Abusive calls to 911
Disorderly Conduct 

  Holloway, Tommy 

Tommy Holloway, 49
2808 Ave N, (Rear)
Galveston, Tx
Arrested 11/22/2009 in Galveston
Theft of police bait bike 

  Howard, Michael 

Michael Howard, 34,
2511 Ave Q, Galveston
Arrested at 2528 Ave Q in Galveston
Disorderly Conduct - Abusive Language
Involved in a fight 

  Lalani, Aziz Ebrahim 

Aziz Ebrahim Lalani, 42,
6111 Winsome Ln. #2, Houston, Texas
Arrested at 3011 Ave J in Galveston
Operating Gambling Equipment
Keeping a Gambling Place
Gambling Promotion 

  Lauderdale, Traman Jovan 

Traman Jovan Lauderdale, 24
3617 Ave S-1/2, Galveston
Arrested 11/22/2009 in Galveston
Shoplifting: 7 Days Food Store
3428 Seawall Blvd. 

  Meadows, Angeli Jann 

Angeli Jann Meadows, 29
Arrested by Friendswood Police
Drug Possession 

  Middleton, Kevin Dewayne 

Kevin Dewayne Middleton, 33
7200 Ave P-1/2 #1379
Arrested  12/02/2009 in Galveston
Consuming Alcohol in Public Park
Bicycle Opeation Violation
Failure to Appear in Court
Failure to ID as a Fugitive



  Rice, Lev, IV 

Lev Rice, IV, 32
Arrested by Texas City Police
Assault Family Member
Possession Drugs 

  Rock, Charles Vern 

Charles Vern Rock, 46
2010 Ave F #201, Galveston
Arrested 12/08/2009 in Galveston
Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon
(A bent steak knife)
2100 Ave F


  Scott, Michael Lazare 

Michael Lazare Scott, 20
202 Edgar, La Marque
Alias: Mix-master
Arrested 12/15/2009 - Burglary of Apt
4010 Ave G #147, Galveston
Assault Family Member, girlfriend 

  Segovia, Cody Eloy 

Cody Eloy Segovia, 23
Arrested by Friendswood Police
Possession of Drug Paraphenalia 

  Smith, Vincent Roshawn 

Vincent Roshawn Smith, 20
612 S. Heights, La Marque, Tx
Arrested 11/23/2009 in Galveston, Tx
Assault Causing Bodily Injury


  Thompson, Daryl Lionel 

Daryl Lionel Thompson, 46
Galveston Transient
Arrested 12/03/2009 in Galveston
Impeding Traffic
3813 Ave J



  Winn, Quincy Jermaine 

Quincy Jermaine Winn, 30,
3916 Ave G # 164, Galveston
Arrested at 3916 Ave G in Galveston
Assault by Threat - Family Members
Involved in disturbance with ex-spouse 

  Woodland, James Henry, Jr. 

James Henry Woodland, Jr., 34
3717 Ave G, Galveston
Arrested 12/12/2009 - Sand Piper Cove Apts
Criminal Trepass 

  McElroy, Laurence 

Laurence McElroy, 51
Alias: Tejas & Petteway
Arrested 2200 Broadway
Under influence of drugs 

  Negley, Patrick M 

Patrick M. Negley, 56
Transient from Desmoines, WA
Arrested for Criminal Trepass
Normandy Inn, 1101 23rd St.


  TINNEY, Matthew Brian 

Matthew Brian Tinney, 46, of Galveston
Alias: Player
Arrested 5300 Ave U in Galveston
Theft of a Razor Phone & Gasoline 


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