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Posted on: Thursday, 29 April 2021
Video shows Texas officer fatally shoot man in front of his girlfriend and child
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Police in Austin, Texas, released video on Wednesday showing the fatal police shooting of a man in January.

Alex Gonzales, 27, was shot multiple times in his car, as his girlfriend and child were in the vehicle, by an Austin Police Department officer after authorities said he was involved in a "road rage incident" with an off-duty police officer on Jan. 5.

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OK people, this is what happens when you do not comply with officers orders, especially when they know a gun is in the car. Now why in the world would you open your door and lean in the car? You are signing your own death warrant and NO lawsuit should be allowed here. This riches by Cop needs to stop. This is a direct result of democrat and media rhetoric and support on the war of LEO's - Good job officers. I'm glad you get to go home to your families
Posted by Sasquatch at 4/30/2021 7:33:12 AM

Five or six officers screaming different directions at a guy...so typical. No leader or supervisor, no organization...every one just amped up and screaming including the off duty officer who was involved in the incident.
The lawsuit?
The involved officer should not have been involved in the apprehension...just more special treatment for officers...no citizen involved an incident like this would have ever been allowed to participate in the arrest. A citizen would have been put in a patrol car and handcuffed until the situation was resolved and statements were given.
The off-duty officer and the other officers should and will all be involved in lawsuits.
The macho cop days are dwindling.
Posted by LT at 5/4/2021 7:58:49 AM

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