Texas Police News is fortunate from time to time to be offered books and manuscripts to review,  by authors who are either in law enforcement, have served in law enforcement or have close, personal relationships with law enforcement.  Often we review these books from the time they are rough drafts, to completed manuscripts to the final, printed book.
We are happy to share these with our readers.
The books on this list fall into a very exclusive category -- books not only worth reading, but books worth owning.  Some of them may even change the way you look at the world of police officers and law enforcement.
Unless otherwise noted, the summaries are excerpts from the book -- either the cover flaps or the introduction.  Some books contain a link to the appropriate page at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, other book outlets or the publisher where you may purchase it.

Detecting Deception
By Paul S. McCormick
Books We Recommend:
ߦ   The Deprived - Innocent on Death Row
ߦ   K9 Teams - Beyond the Basics of Search and Rescue and Recovery
ߦ   WIN: A Memoir of a School Shooting by Gabe Medrano
ߦ   Dishonored And Forgotten
ߦ   Blood Trails Across Texas
ߦ   Leaving Blue
ߦ   Dispatcher Stress
ߦ   PreFense - The 90% Advantage
ߦ   Detecting Deception
ߦ   Homicide in Black & White

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Learn to effectively, accurately & consistently detect deception! Let a highly seasoned and heavily trained "lie detector" teach you:- Conversation techniques that can increase your chances of getting honest information from suspects - The critical difference between "profiling" suspects & "discriminating" - Active listening skills that can prove priceless for information gathering - The importance of paying attention to EVERY SINGLE word a suspect says!

Sometimes the most elusive thing in law enforcement can be the truth.

Here's how to find it!

Investigator Paul S. McCormick, a highly seasoned, heavily trained "lie detector" shares his knowledge of the strategies that peel away layers of deception and reveal the truth.

Available at:


Barnes & Nobel

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