Texas Police News is fortunate from time to time to be offered books and manuscripts to review,  by authors who are either in law enforcement, have served in law enforcement or have close, personal relationships with law enforcement.  Often we review these books from the time they are rough drafts, to completed manuscripts to the final, printed book.
We are happy to share these with our readers.
The books on this list fall into a very exclusive category -- books not only worth reading, but books worth owning.  Some of them may even change the way you look at the world of police officers and law enforcement.
Unless otherwise noted, the summaries are excerpts from the book -- either the cover flaps or the introduction.  Some books contain a link to the appropriate page at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, other book outlets or the publisher where you may purchase it.

THE TORN BLUE: 25 Years Working The Streets
by Russ Baer (Author) Michael Dikovitsky (Editor)
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ߦ   Dishonored And Forgotten
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"The Torn Blue" An inspirational non-fiction book about a police officers 25 years of working the streets in Dallas, Texas.

Sharing 78 short stories of calls answered, involving situations from; donuts, kicking in doors chasing bank robbers, to passing out Christmas toys to kids.

A fun adventures read.  Here's an example of a call officer Russ Baer relives in The Torn Blue..

Hide and Go Seek
   It was a slow day and I was Patrolling by myself.  I heard a burglary in progress call come out, so I asked dispatcher to mark me out to that location.  When I arrived two other officers said they had searched the apartment and found nothing.  The man that called it in believed that the suspect was still inside the apartment somewhere.  I looked at the other two officers and said, let me take a look.  They kind of rolled their eyes.  It was a small apartment with not many places to hide.  I opened a closet door and there were those small stackable washers and dryers. It was a small closet and up on top of the dryer was a blanket.  I pulled it down and there he was.  It's like when I was a kid in my neighborhood playing hide and go seek. Surprise you're caught, you're out of the game and now you get to go to jail?  I looked at the other two officers and thought game over, but I said he's yours now.  It was more fun when I was younger.

The Torn Blue is now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

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