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Blood Trails Across Texas
By Sgt. Brian R. Foster - Houston Homice (ret)
Every Investigator Has A Career Case

This is a true crime book documenting multiple cops' career cases.  These are short stories written without filler or fluff.  A career case is matter of pride or a pain in your gut when it comes to mind.  You try not to internalize what you see, but at times you can't help it.

The events described here come from research and interviews with uniformed street cops, Texas Rangers, deputy sheriffs, detectives, game wardens and border patrol agents.

The stories span Texas from the northern Louisiana border to the Gulf Coast, northwest to San Antonio and the Hill Country, then west again to the rugged desert on the Mexican border.

Welcome to the harsh and gritty side of life.

A Must Read for True Crime and Police Lit buffs

"Actual career cases in short story form mixed with Foster's social commentary.  Written in 'good ol' boy' by a man worthy of the title.  The most entertaining and enlightening police stories you'll ever read.

Joe Augustyn
Screenwriter and Author

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Sgt. M. D. Beale, Jr.

Houston Police Dept. Retired


Blood Trails Across Texas by Sgt. Brian Foster, HPD Homicide, Retired

Black Dog Swamp Publishing Company, LLC

Copywrite 2016 Brian R. Foster

All Rights Reserved


I really liked this book.  It was a quick read for me.  It was like sitting in on a “bull session” with these officers telling their stories.  The thought that came to my mind was:  “You just can’t make this stuff up!”

It’s a book that will interest real police officers and people that like true crime.

Old HPD detectives will remember a lot of these cases and the folks involved.

This is the first book of a series detailing actual “career cases” – a case that remains with you over the years and you’ll never forget.  Those of us who have worked long enough to have a “career case” or two really appreciate what that phrase means.

There are 25 true crime stories here.  Each is a unique recounting of an actual case, most are “career cases”, of older, mostly retired officers - city detectives, county detectives, Texas Rangers, game wardens, and Border Patrol officers - from across the great State of Texas and includes an account of a brief soiree down into Mexico.

These were real cases and these stories present the real people involved – crooks and officers – as well as the social circumstances surrounding them, as they really were back then – for better or worse.  These are cases that Brian worked himself or were recounted first hand to him by the officers that lived them. 

This book deviates from Foster’s previous books by detailing much more transparently the people involved.  What hasn’t changed is Foster’s style.  He writes like he talks… well, pretty much… straight forward, opinionated and often very politically incorrect.

You can get a copy directly from the author at the above website or several online booksellers, or maybe you can catch him in person at a gun show somewhere like Fredericksburg.  If you’re a real cheapskate you can get an eBook copy for your Kindle for $2.99 from Amazon.

It’s well worth the cost and effort.mdb