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Galveston Council Discusses Sexual Harrassment Complaint and Police Contract Today
There are two items involving the police department on the agenda for Thursdays Galveston City Council Meeting.  Both with be discussed in closed, executive session.

One of the items is to discuss the role of the city council in the negotiations with the Galveston Municipal Police Associations which bargains on behalf of Galveston police officers. Typically councils are not directly involved in these negotiations but act on reports given them by the city manager who, along with the city attorney, does the actually negotiations then reports to the council.  The council approves or disapproves the contract based on those reports. However, there are two new members on the council since last contract negotiations so this is to brief them and update them all on the procedures.

Another item being discussed in closed, executive session is the possibility of a lawsuit which may be filed against the city by Galveston Police Sergeant Annie Almendarez.  Almendarez has a complaint before the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleging sexual harassment by former police chief Henry Porretto.  The case is currently under investigation by the EEOC and the Justice Department and according the the Sergeants attorney, Scott Armstrong, as soon as that investigation is complete he will go forward with a lawsuit against the city in federal court on her behalf.

Porretto resigned under fire several months ago when allegations of sexual harassment by more than one female city employee became public.  The city allowed Porretto to resign without taking any disciplinary actions against him.  He soon was hired as Interim Police Chief for the small city of Mathis near Corpus Christi, where he remains.

Breck Porter, Editor