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Reader Survey - How Are We Doing?
Texas Police News
We haven't asked you in a long time.  How are we doing?

The Police News often gets emails or phone calls asking us if we have heard about a particular incident in anytown Texas, to which we most often answer
"Sorry No".

These are more often than not questions about car wrecks, or "what's all those sirens in my neighborhood".

Let us explain that this site depends primarily on press releases from law enforcement agencies, fire departments, courts, district attorneys, emergency medical services, and the like.  We also post major events from other news agencies with which we have agreements.  Basically we bring you the side of the news you never see in the major media sources.  Here you will see the press releases sent out to all the media, then when you see it on TV or read it in the paper you are seeing what that press release became.

It is our aim to acquaint you with the truth by providing you the news story where it began.  You will find that you will read stories in The Police News that you will never see in the main stream media and you will find they are interesting stories.  They often don't make the 5 o'clock news because there is not enough drama to them.  The media these days would rather do undercover stories and bust a police department, fire department, city hall, or anything for drama and color and bling.  Remember, they compete for ratings and the better the ratings the more they can charge for advertising.  Follow the money.  It's all about the mighty buck.

So anyway, just let us know your honest opinion about us.  We are providing a link below so you may reply anonymously.  Your email address nor IP address will be revealed to us and you are not required to use a name.  Just type your message, that's all.

We would like to know if there are particular cities or counties in Texas which you would like us to report on.  Are there any features we may create such as the BUSTED & CUFFED feature we are now bringing you.  Are their stories or reports we are posting now that you find not interesting at all.  Just say whatever you wish.  We will read each one with great interest.

We are considering a feature we published in the past entitled, 'Soft Scrambled Eggs'.  That is just a weird title for an opinion column we publish to which readers may react with comments.  What do you think?  Yes or No?

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Thank you for you participation,
Breck Porter, Editor