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Career Crook Lands In Galveston County Jail
A career criminal is back in jail again after the Galveston County version of 'Dog The Bounty Hunter" captured him in Dickinson on a series of warrants.

Ronald Joe Johnson, 60, of Texas City, had apparently been running a scam on homeowners seeking repairs to their homes.  Johnson would show up, give the homeowner a bid, then ask for a deposit up front with which to purchase materials for the job.

You guessed it.  Johnson took the money and ran.  Disappeared into the sunset with thousands of dollars.  He is said to have committed these crimes in League City, Galveston, and Harris and Brazoria Counties.

When Galveston County Constable Deputy Ross McCammon got on his trail his days were numbered.  McCammon caught up with Johnson in Dickinson and with backup from a Texas State Trooper and city police, they swooped in on him and carted him off to the League City Jail. He was later transferred to the county jail in Galveston.

Johnson is very popular with law enforcement all over Texas.  He has been in some of the best and worse jails in the state for hot checks, forgery, lying to police, larceny, and other felonies and misdemeanors. He has served time in state jails and in the big prison in Huntsville.

There may be victims in the southeast Texas area who have been ripped off by this crook and police departments looking for him who don't even know who he is.  Well, here he is.  If you recognize him and know of some scam he has been involved in, give your local police department or sheriff's office a call.

He is now a tenant in the Galveston County Jail under a pile of bail bonds adding into the many thousands of dollars.

Breck Porter