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THE TORN BLUE: 25 Years Working The Streets
by Russ Baer (Author) Michael Dikovitsky (Editor)
"The Torn Blue" An inspirational non-fiction book about a police officers 25 years of working the streets in Dallas, Texas.

Sharing 78 short stories of calls answered, involving situations from; donuts, kicking in doors chasing bank robbers, to passing out Christmas toys to kids.

A fun adventures read.  Here's an example of a call officer Russ Baer relives in The Torn Blue..

Hide and Go Seek
   It was a slow day and I was Patrolling by myself.  I heard a burglary in progress call come out, so I asked dispatcher to mark me out to that location.  When I arrived two other officers said they had searched the apartment and found nothing.  The man that called it in believed that the suspect was still inside the apartment somewhere.  I looked at the other two officers and said, let me take a look.  They kind of rolled their eyes.  It was a small apartment with not many places to hide.  I opened a closet door and there were those small stackable washers and dryers. It was a small closet and up on top of the dryer was a blanket.  I pulled it down and there he was.  It's like when I was a kid in my neighborhood playing hide and go seek. Surprise you're caught, you're out of the game and now you get to go to jail?  I looked at the other two officers and thought game over, but I said he's yours now.  It was more fun when I was younger.

The Torn Blue is now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.