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117 law enforcement officers lost in the line of duty
Many in America don’t know their names. Here they are..

No outrage or concern from from anyone but law enforcement and those who truly  support us. 


We are 120 days into this year and have lost 117 law enforcement officers in the line of duty. There were also 5 Police K-9’s killed.


Many in America don’t know their names.  Here they are...


Sergeant Gordon William Best

Sergeant Daniel Marcus Mobley

Lieutenant Jeff Bain

Deputy Sheriff Nicholas Howell

Sergeant Randall Sims

Deputy Sheriff Jonathan David Price

Police Officer Jay Hughes

Officer Brian David Sicknick

Sergeant David G. Crumpler

Lieutenant William Lyle Gardner

Conservation Officer Steven Reighard

Police Officer Arturo Villegas

Master Corporal Brian Roy LaVigne

Agent Luis A. Marrero-Díaz

Agent Luis X. Salamán-Conde

Agent Eliezer Hernández-Cartagena

Police Officer Melton "Fox" Gore

Sergeant Frederick H. "Butch" Cameron

Detective Sergeant Stephen R. Desfosses

Chief of Police Tony M. Jordan

Corporal Christine Peters

Constable Sherry Kay Langford

Lieutenant Treva Preston

Corrections Officer IV Alfred Jimenez

Police Officer Jerry Steven Hemphill

Sergeant Edward John Marcurella, Jr.

Lieutenant John Reynolds

Corrections Officer Joseph A. Martini

Deputy Sheriff Adam Gibson

Police Officer Brandon M. Stalker

Warrants Officer Toby Keiser

Deputy Sheriff Jacinto R. Navarro, Jr.

Officer Byron Don Shields

Lieutenant Frank Arnold

Special Agent Wayne Douglas Snyder

Captain Michael D'Angelo Garigan

Lieutenant Juan Rafael Rivera-Padua

Auxiliary Sergeant Louis M. Livatino

Director of Field Operations Beverly Good

Sergeant Tommy W. Cudd

Sergeant Jeffery Robert Smith

Special Agent Robert Allan Mayer, Jr.

Sergeant William Brautigam

Correctional Officer Juan Llanes

Sergeant Grace A. Bellamy

Lieutenant Michael Boutte

Special Agent Laura Ann Schwartzenberger

Special Agent Daniel Alfin

Detention Officer Robert Perez

Agent Juan Rosado-López

Patrolman Darian Jarrott

Detective Pedro Junior "Pete" Mejia

Officer Cesar Dangaran Sibonga

Deputy Sheriff Ross Dixon

Corrections Officer IV Vicky James

Investigator Eddie B. Hutchison, III

Chief of Police Timothy John Sheehan

Deputy Sheriff Donald Raymond Gilreath, III

Police Officer Mitchell Penton

Officer Genaro Guerrero

Corrections Officer IV Tawiwo Obele

Major Estaban "Stevie" Ramirez, III

Deputy Constable Manuel Phillipe De La Rosa

Sergeant Richard Paul Brown

Deputy Sheriff Michael Magli

Police Officer Horacio Dominguez

Lieutenant Eugene Lasco

Natural Resources Officer Jason Lagore

Parole Officer Troy K. Morin

Officer Carlos Mendoza Deputy

Sheriff Thomas Albanese

Reserve Deputy Constable Martinus Mitchum

Police Officer Dominic Jared Winum

Captain Justin Williams Bedwell

Police Officer II Jose Anzora

Corrections Officer III Tracey Adams

Officer Crispin San Juan San Jose

Officer Jesse Madsen

Sergeant Barry Edwin Henderson

Deputy Sheriff Stanley "Allen" Burdic

Police Officer Gary Hibbs

Border Patrol Agent Alejandro Flores-Bañuelos

Police Officer Kevin Valencia

Sergeant LaShonda Owens

Police Officer Eric Talley

Chief of Police Fred Alan Posavetz

Correctional Officer Robert McFarland

Senior Master Trooper Todd A. Hanneken

Corporal Kyle Jeffrey Davis

Trooper Joseph Gallagher

Sergeant Shane Owens

Reserve Deputy Sheriff James Driver

Trooper Chad Walker

Corrections Officer Luis Arturo Hernandez, Sr.

Police Officer William Evans

Lieutenant James Kouski

Police Officer Brent Nelson Hall

Deputy Sheriff Christopher Wilson Knight

Sergeant James K. Smith

Deputy Sheriff Thomas Patrick Barnes

Deputy Sheriff Carlos Antonio Hernandez

Border Patrol Agent Christopher Shane Simpkins

Police Officer David Parde

Constable Edward F. Ryan

Police Officer Anastasio Tsakos

Sergeant Chris Ward

Deputy Sheriff Logan Fox

K9 Figo

K9 Riley

K9 Luna

K9 Kozmo

K9 Jango