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Coast Guard searching for missing 10-year-old after body washes up on Matagorda Beach
Matagorda, Texas

A family friend says a mother's 10-year-old son is still missing and her boyfriend's body washed ashore after they went swimming while fishing on the beach Sunday.

MATAGORDA COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) -- The U.S. Coast Guard is actively searching for a missing 10-year-old child at Matagorda Beach.

The Coast Guard said the child and two other people somehow ended up in the water Sunday evening.

Officials say a man's body washed up on the shore, and the other person survived.

A family friend of the missing boy provided more details at Matagorda Beach Monday morning.

According to Michael Castro, a mother's 10-year-old son, Nicholas Arriaga, and her boyfriend were fishing along the shore.

He said the boyfriend went swimming in the water while Nicholas was working on his fishing rod.

At some point, another individual on the beach saw Nicholas run into the water, presumably to swim.

Castro said a 13-year-old girl noticed Nicholas struggling in the water. He said she tried to grab him and swim to shore, but she too started getting hit by the waves.

"She was on her tiptoes so she tried to save herself. So she let go of him, and they haven't seen him since," Castro said. "I'm glad she didn't try to risk her life to save his life."

Castro said the boyfriend was also taken down by the waves. His body washed ashore around 9 p.m. Sunday.

"I hope he made it," Castro said of 10-year-old Nicholas. "We all know he didn't, but we pray to God he does pop up alive. But you know how this goes."

"The kid was loved by a lot. He was always in sports, always wanting to help others," Castro recalled. "He loved fishing. He loved being out on the water."

Castro said the water was very choppy, and signs on the beach asked visitors not to swim.

"This is the worst spot to be at on the beach, right here where this pier is," Castro said. "It's the worst part to try to swim... It has a sign, 'No swimming.'"

The Coast Guard used boats and helicopters to look for the missing 10-year-old child.