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Security guard fails to intervene in woman's attack, suit claims

HOUSTON — A woman claims a security guard at her Houston apartment complex who witnessed her attack in the parking garage, failed to offer assistance or call 911.

Piper Hatfield filed a complaint June 1 in Harris County District Court against Hanover Company, Hanover Montrose, H&P Montrose Holdings LLC and Valet Forces Inc., alleging negligence. 

Piper was a tenant at the Hanover Montrose apartments when she was attacked in the parking garage on May 15, 2021, according to her suit. She alleges that the attacker ran up behind her and threw her to the ground as she screamed for help and claims the attacker stole her purse and ran away. Piper claims that a Valet Forces security guard witnessed her attack and failed to help her or call 911. 

She further alleges that after the attack, she ran into the foyer of the building and asked the concierge to call police but he replied "You have a phone. Why do I need to call them? You call them." Piper claims the defendants were negligent for failing to have properly trained security guards and surveillance at the apartment complex or proper lighting on the premises. She also claims Hanover Montrose failed to listen to residents' who warned about the criminal activity in the area prior to her attack.  

Piper seeks monetary relief, trial by jury and all other just relief. She is represented by Janet Hansen of The Law Office of Janet Hansen in Houston and George Cire, Jr., of The Law Office of George E. Cire, Jr., in Houston. 

Harris County District Court case number 2021-32640