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$1M lawsuit: Woman knocked unconscious by Houston restaurant employee

HOUSTON — A woman is claiming the negligence of Houston restaurant owners after one of their employees assaulted her and knocked her unconscious.  

Tangela Clifton filed a complaint May 27 in Harris County District Court against Hanh Thi Mai and Cristie Hanh Mai, individually and doing business as TP Seafood Market & Restaurant alleging assualt and negligence. 

According to her complaint, Clifton and her party were at TP Seafood Market & Restaurant on Reed Road in Houston on Sept. 28, 2019. She alleges that the employee "standing behind the counter working the register" who took her order began to curse and threaten her party for no reason. Clifton further alleges that when their food was ready, the employee threw the food at them and stated he was going to assault them. 

She claims the employee then followed her outside and punched her which caused her to lose consciousness and bleed "profusely." Clifton alleges no restaurant employee called 911 or attempted to stop the assault and that the defendants could not give the police any indentifying or contact information on the employee.  She claims the defendants' negligence in failing to screen its employees.  

Clifton seek monetary relief between $200,000 and $1 million, interest and all other just relief. She is represented by Attorney Andre Evans in Houston. 

Harris County District Court case number 2021-31901