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Mom and sons, including toddler, forced to ground during home invasion
Harris County

A pet was hit with a garden tool and a family was forced to the ground in a violent home invasion. Due to the graphic nature of the dog's injuries, we've blurred the video above.

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) -- A dog was attacked with a garden tool and a family was forced to the ground during a terrifying home invasion early Tuesday morning in northwest Harris County.

Around 5 a.m., deputies responded to a home invasion in the 6900 block of Feather Creek Drive near Misty River after a woman called saying four masked men entered the back of her home.

According to authorities, she said the armed intruders kept asking for money, but she told them she didn't have any.

The woman believes that she was followed home after cashing a check at the bank. Officials say she stopped at several banks that day trying to open an account.

The woman and her three sons, one of them a toddler, were all asleep when the suspects barged in.

The family was put facedown on the ground. Two of them suffered minor injuries.

As the men left, they hit the family's dog in its neck area with a garden tool, authorities say.

The animal was left seriously wounded and bloody. Family members took the pet to a nearby veterinarian.

Due to the graphic nature of the injuries, we have blurred images of the dog.

The sheriff's office said they didn't have a good description of the suspects at this time, but will be checking the neighborhood for video.