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Social Media Threat
Fort Worth, TX



On Friday, May 5th, 2023, at about 1030 am, the Fort Worth Police Department (FWPD) was notified of a social media post in which an individual stated his intention to go to downtown Fort Worth on May 7th and shoot everyone he could, including police. He made reference to possession of a shotgun and also that he had purchased another firearm.

Investigators from FWPD’s Tactical Intelligence division immediately began working with the individual who had initially reported the post in an effort to identify the subject. By early afternoon, investigators had identified the subject and were in the process of locating him while also preparing an arrest warrant. By this time, the social media post had gone viral and numerous citizens reached out to the FWPD informing us of the video, including some people from out of town and even out of state who saw the post.

Investigators obtained an arrest warrant for Terroristic Threat for 22 year old Zyshon Murphy and, with the assistance of the FWPD Fugitive Unit and US Marshal’s Office Task Force and other tactical units, were able to take him into custody at about 6:30 pm. Investigators also obtained a search warrant and subsequently searched Murphy’s residence and seized the shotgun referenced in the social media post. There was no evidence of any other persons involved in this threat and no further danger to the public. The Fort Worth Police Department is grateful to all of the concerned community members who reached out to us with this information. We value our partnership with our community that works with us to keep Fort Worth safe.