Frequently Asked Question

What is Texas Police News?
Texas Police News
is an informative and entertaining daily newsletter that focuses on Texas crime in a straightforward, and revealing manner.
Why is Texas Police News important?
Texas Police News provides important information related to your community- local arrests, sex offenders, fugitives and most wanted, missing persons, and many more note-worthy crime stories concerning your area. We have numerous success stories of helping find absconders from the law.

Where does Texas Police News acquire its information?
Texas Police News acquires its information through dozens of city, county, state and national law enforcement agencies. We also report on interesting, weird or notable crime that occurs anywhere in the world! --

Crime is very serious. Why do you make light of crime in Texas Police News?
We agree that crime is a very serious problem in our communities. Texas Police News's intention is to help reduce crime, locate missing persons, bring fugitives to justice and provide information that assists authorities in making our communities safer. If you don't like to laugh, please just skip over the funny parts.-- 

I am interested in advertising with Texas Police News. Who should I speak with?
Just call us at 409-632-0042