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Spotlight: Walter Arms, the leader in the firearms industry
Company Name: Walter Arms, Inc. Headquarters: Fort Smith, AR Signature Products: Firearms Website: 1. Where did your company name originate from? The name originated from the founder’s last name, Carl Walther. 2. What was the inspiration behind starting your company? Carl Walther and his son Fritz Walther were from a family of gunsmiths. Their passion was to...
Ala. inmate indicted in 1974 Texas officer slaying
The inmate was indicted for the murder of Officer Matthew Murphy, who was shot during a traffic stop in 1974
How a pre-arrest opiate diversion program is saving lives in Wisconsin
If a person commits a low-level crime to support an opiate addiction, they can avoid arrest if they are willing to enter a treatment program
Iowa officer sues city, police chief over discrimination, forced resignation
The LEO claims when she reported discrimination and sexual harassment, she faced retaliation and a request from a city administrator to resign or be fired
Colo. officer helps homeless man reunite with family
Arthur Robinson hadn’t seen his family in 20 years
Jury awards $8.6M to LAPD officers in retaliation lawsuit
A jury awarded each officer more than $4 million for reprisals they faced from reporting sexual harassment on behalf of a coworker
NYPD officer says he inflated charge against Eric Garner
The officer said he wrote up paperwork that exaggerated the seriousness of Garner's suspected crime
NY LEOs save 3-year-old from burning home
Sgt. Christopher Cornell and Officer Joshua Sears were able to go into the home and save the child from the fire
Fla. officer earns Medal of Valor for shooting gunman
The officer shot the suspect who had opened fire on police during a suicide by cop attempt
Ala. deputy praying with man warms hearts on social media
The candid photo of an officer praying over a man has gone viral


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