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Constable Pursuit Nets Arrests
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Suspect found dead after shootings in German town of Hanau
The suspect in at least two deadly shootings has been found dead in an apartment
Texas officer's arm broken while struggling with armed suspect
The suspect attempted to flee a vehicle crash and advanced on the officer while saying he had a gun
Former trooper, sheriff to serve as interim Ga. state patrol director
Gary Vowell will take over the department in March after the former commissioner lost his job over a cheating scandal
Utah mom in need of formula calls 911, police come to the rescue
“To this mom, this is a priority for her. It’s been about 'protect and serve.' This is part of the serve."
12 traits of effective police leaders
Effective leaders focus on developing a culture of rewards versus a culture of punishment – here is how they do it
Ind. cops arrest man with ‘Crime Pays’ forehead tattoo for 2nd time
Donald Murray allegedly fled from officers and instigated a vehicle pursuit twice in under six months
Trump pardons former NYPD commissioner
Former NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik was convicted in 2010 of crimes including tax fraud and lying to the White House
Here's how the city of Chicago is putting public safety first
By investing in improving its CAD system, Chicago is setting an example of how enhanced communication and integration is critical in public safety
Calif. man arrested for pointing laser at highway patrol plane
Officials say CHP is investigating several reports of lasers hitting military and civilian aircraft over the past few days
Video: While on date, married off-duty LEOs stop masked robber
Det. Chase McKeown and Officer Nichole McKeown took action when a man threatened restaurant staff with a gun
'Why I want to be a cop': Developing recruitment messaging to match police candidate motivations
Understanding how young adults view a law enforcement career can inform more effective police recruitment communications
ICE subpoenas Ore. sheriff's office over 2 inmates
The sheriff's office said it will comply with the subpoena even though the city has 'sanctuary' laws
5 ways your uniform should protect and serve you
If it wrinkles or bags, makes you hot and sweaty, or hinders your movement, is your uniform really serving you?
Is nepotism hurting hiring at your agency?
Arbitrary policies prohibiting the hiring of the children of our finest are not only unfair but also un-American
Md. officer shot while attempting to arrest subject released from hospital
Officer First Class Swinney was wounded in the leg and abdomen; an investigation to the shooting continues, officials say
Man wanted for shooting off-duty officer at Mo. Walmart arrested
Police pursued the unidentified suspect in a vehicle and on foot before taking him into custody
Court reverses NC trooper firing over lost hat
The state Supreme Court was asked to decide: If a trooper can't be trusted to tell the truth about why he lost his hat, can he be trusted when he faces a heavier moral choice?
Chicago leaders blast plan to bring in ICE agents
The response has marked an escalation of the conflict between 'sanctuary' cities and federal law enforcement
Texas man pleads not guilty to killing LEO during capital murder trial
Brandon McCall, who proclaimed he wanted to go to war with police, is accused of fatally shooting Officer David Sherrard
Suspended SC sheriff faces 13 more corruption charges
Colleton County Sheriff R.A. Strickland is accused of a range of misconduct from abuse of power to improper use of public funds


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