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National Guard to be deployed in Los Angeles
Continuing civil unrest saw protesters torch police cars and burglarize stores while clashing with lines of officers
3 key things to remember when policing an unruly crowd
To effectively work a crowd, constantly pay attention, analyze, assess and take action early and often
What police should & should not be doing on social media right NOW
If you’re managing a police social media account, you're not just the voice of your department, you’re now the voice of the entire profession
Videos: Tear gas and burning cars in US cities as unrest continues
At least a dozen major cities nationwide imposed overnight curfews ranging from 6 p.m. in parts of South Carolina to 10 p.m. around Ohio
Video: Fox News reporter attacked, chased from demonstration
Fox's Leland Vittert was rattled following the Washington attack he said was clearly targeted at his news organization
Video: Truck drives through Fla. protesters
A pickup truck drove through a crowd of protesters Saturday in Florida's capital, sending some running and screaming
Minneapolis overwhelmed again by protests over Floyd death
Gov. Tim Walz said he was moving quickly to mobilize more than 1,000 more Guard members, for a total of 1,700, and was considering the potential offer of federal military police
Federal officer killed guarding courthouse near protest
A federal law enforcement officer in California was killed and another critically injured after being shot
Chief: 'Instigators' attacked Iowa officers, escalated 'successful and peaceful' protest
A "small group of instigators" interrupted a peaceful protest and began throwing rocks and bricks at officers, injuring them and damaging police vehicles
Video: Ore. protesters smash windows, set fire to police headquarters
Demonstrators in Portland also vandalized and stole from buildings and flouted the city's established curfew
Ky. police apologize after officer fires pepper bullets at news crew during protest
Police officials said they are investigating the incident and take disciplinary action
After shooting, Boston police commissioner criticizes COVID-19-related inmate releases
“The mentality out on the street is that you can do whatever you want because there are no repercussions from the court”
Pentagon puts military police on alert to go to Minneapolis
As unrest spread across dozens of US cities, the Pentagon took the rare step of ordering the Army to put several active-duty U.S. military police units on the ready to deploy
Videos: National Guard summoned to aid cities amid police clashes
Georgia’s governor declared a state of emergency early Saturday to activate the state National Guard as violence flared in Atlanta and in dozens of cities nationwide
Police: Pa. woman kept dead grandmother in freezer for 15 years
She told authorities her family needed to continue collecting her grandmother's Social Security
Minneapolis cop who knelt on handcuffed man charged
Derek Chauvin has been charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter
Photo of the Week: Wildfire patrol
What does George Floyd's death tell law enforcement?
There are systemic problems in policing that we fail to address at our peril
CNN crew arrested while reporting on Minneapolis protests
A reporter was handcuffed and led away while live on air, then later released after police confirmed he was a member of the media
Protests over Minn. in-custody death spread across the nation
Videos of protests and confrontations with police officers in cities nationwide have circulated on social media


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