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COVID-19: Law enforcement deaths
Tracking the coronavirus-related deaths of U.S. police officers and other LE personnel
Pa. mayor to sign bill restricting facial recognition software by police
Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto has said the software should still be used to investigate felony cases
Governor puts Ill. National Guard in 'state of readiness’ ahead of Ky.'s Breonna Taylor decision
A source said more than 100 Guard members are preparing as Kentucky's AG is expected to announce if he'll file charges against the officers involved in Taylor's death
How 2 Texas detectives made arrest in cold case murder 46 years later
In January, Detectives Wagner and Bennett reopened the 1974 case that had stumped law enforcement for decades
Pa. 911 center cuts out nonemergency tasks for dispatchers amid staffing shortage
A letter sent to all York County fire, EMS and police chiefs stated first responders must perform nonemergency communications tasks themselves until staffing issues are resolved
Va. bill to end mandatory jail time for assaults on police fails
Opponents of the bill said it would send the wrong message to the public at a time when law enforcement has come under attack
Vanessa Bryant sues LA sheriff over Kobe Bryant crash photos
The lawsuit alleges deputies shared "unauthorized" photos of the helicopter's crash site
Seattle City Council overrides mayor's veto of policing cuts
Council members voted to stick with the 2020 budget bills meant to start shrinking the police force
Unidentified bodies: How law enforcement can make a difference
By law and by department policy, officers are required to intercede in certain circumstances
Seattle PD ends effort to get unpublished media photos, videos from protests
The agency will drop a subpoena requiring five Seattle news outlets to turn over unpublished media that investigators argued would help solve several arson and theft cases
Woman arrested in case of ricin letters sent to Texas cops, White House
Investigators believe the suspect who sent poisoned envelopes addressed to Trump is the same person who allegedly sent similar envelopes to law enforcement agencies in Texas
5 myths busted: Why your police department can afford a rugged PC upgrade
If you think rugged hardware with top-notch processing power is out of reach for your agency, here’s a handful of reasons to think again
Senator's call to disarm Mass. cops of 'weapons of war' draws criticism from police union
Police leaders have urged Sen. Ed Markey to step down after the "slap in the face" to law enforcement
Federal prosecutors: Cop helped China spy on Tibetans in NYC
Officer Baimadajie Angwang, himself an ethnic Tibetan, is accused of helping the Chinese government spy on local communities
Fla. governor proposes stiff penalties on protesters committing illegal acts
Under the bill, those who damage property or inflict injury could face felonies, and mandatory jail time if they hit a cop
Chicago police to add 200 officers to anti-violence team
The new officers will go to the Community Safety Team, formed in July to work in areas seeing spikes in violent crimes
Both LA deputies shot in ambush released from hospital
The female deputy, who was in the hospital a few more days than her partner, has been discharged, officials said
Feds threaten funds to NYC, Seattle, Portland over unrest
Attorney General William Barr accused the cities of being "anarchist" and "permitting violence"
Louisville police declare state of emergency ahead of Breonna Taylor decision
The move comes as a grand jury is expected to announce soon if the involved officers will be charged
Lessons learned from implementing a co-response police-mental health team
The objective of the program was to divert people from jail and connect them with treatment where possible


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