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Book Excerpt: Norco '80: The True Story of the Most Spectacular Bank Robbery in American History
The Norco shootout left one sheriff's deputy dead and nine wounded, with 32 police vehicles hit by ammo and a police helicopter forced down from the sky
Fla. fire lieutenant, retired police detective, dies during fire training
Barry Boulton, Sr. was a retired U.S. Marine colonel and retired detective with the Hollywood (Florida) Police Department
Integrating laser scanning and UAV data gives investigators a new 3D view
The 2017 DuPont train derailment outside Tacoma provided investigators the opportunity to push the limits of an integrated scanning/UAV point cloud approach
Graham v. Connor: Three decades of guidance and controversy
The solid bedrock of Graham v. Connor provides a strong foundation for LEOs doing the work few in society are willing to do
Initial response to an officer-involved shooting: A checklist for supervisors
Creating order out of chaos and taking command over an emotional and tense situation necessitates a level of confidence that can only come from adequate preparation
How to find the only knife you’ll ever need in law enforcement
Finding the right knife can come handy in situations where you need an edge. Here are 3 tips for your search
Wild LA police pursuit involving stolen RV, dogs leaves 3 injured
At least six vehicles were reportedly struck during the pursuit, which included a detour through a parking lot
Fla. deputy fired after filing to run against sheriff in 2020 election
The sheriff cited court rulings that say a sheriff can fire a deputy who files to run against him for lack of loyalty
How cops can help citizens better understand police use of force
There are three generally held misconceptions about deadly force that continually arise and need to be addressed
Educate your community: 3 use of force core values for police
The more we explain to people why we do what we do, the better chance we have of turning around false narratives surrounding our profession


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