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Fla. Senate passes bill expanding armed teachers program
The bill would make all teachers eligible for the program if they volunteer, undergo a psychological evaluation and are trained by police
Fla. Supreme Court rules against Parkland sheriff
The Court ruled against the suspended sheriff who fought his removal from office after the governor claimed he failed to prevent the Parkland shooting
Texas PD cracks down on poor parking with sassy flyer
The flyer was posted on the windshield of a poorly parked truck
ASP’s Transport Kit wins 2019 Public Safety Product Innovation Award
The Transport Kit allows officers to safely restrain detainees or prisoners
Md. officer paralyzed in 2003 shooting dies
The officer was shot while conducting a traffic stop, leaving him paralyzed until his death
Ore. K-9 struck with over 200 quills while pursuing criminal
The K-9 was searching for a suspect who evaded arrest when he encountered a porcupine in his path
Calif. police promote measures to limit UOF, fatal shootings
Officials are debating on statewide guidelines on when officers can use force and requiring that every LEO train in ways to avoid opening fire
Judge orders mental review in SC police ambush shooting case
The judge ordered a mental examination on the man who killed two officers in an ambush at his South Carolina home
Calif. officer dies at police HQ in suspected suicide
While the call for assistance came in as a suicide, an autopsy is still pending
Calif. LEOs shoot each other while apprehending suspect
The officers were both hit in the leg after firing their weapons during the arrest.


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